Your Councillors

Local Councillors (or Members) are elected by the community to decide how the council should carry out its various activities. They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the ward they have been elected to.

The Mayor of Barnet during 2023-2024 is Councillor Nagus Narenthira. Her deputy for the year is Councillor Tony Vourou,

The Leader of the Council is Councillor Barry Rawlings, and Councillor Ross Houston is the Deputy Leader.

You can contact your councillors through council engaging with committee meetings, emailing, telephoning or attending one of their regular surgeries.

There are 63 members of the London Borough of Barnet. There are currently 40 Labour members, 22 Conservative members and one Independent Member. This means that Barnet is a Labour controlled Council.

Councillors are not paid a salary for their work, but they do receive allowances. Allowances from this authority or other authorities are not considered to be pecuniary interests. By law, all members of the Council are required to complete a declaration of interest form no later than 28 days following the day of their election, and within 28 days of becoming aware of any change to their interests.

You can find out who your ward councillor is by using the Your Councillors by Ward Link below or by entering your postcode.

To find your councillor please use the below links: