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Disruptions Caused by the New Religious Centre at the Hippodrome Golders Green

We the undersigned petition the council to We want the relevant authorities at Barnet Council to investigate whether the establishment and operation of this Centre complies with planning regulations. We would like Barnet Council to consider extending parking restrictions in the surrounding residential streets. In the short term, Barnet Council should approach the management of the Centre and oblige them to make the necessary arrangements and changes in order to stop the deleterious impact on the lives of the local residents and their visitors.

Please help us restore the charm, harmony and safety of our family neighbourhood by signing this petition. The recent establishment of a religious centre at the Hippodrome, North End Road, Golders Green has caused numerous and critical problems and inconvenience for our fellow residents and their visitors:

- an exponential increase in the amount of traffic well beyond the capacity of our streets;

- a rise in air pollution;

- significant levels of increase in noise pollution: shouting, car stereo music, and car horns used by frustrated and angry drivers at all hours of day and night;

- major congestion as a result of severe restriction to bilateral movement of vehicles along streets due to maximum number of cars being parked on both sides of roads;

- hindrance to the normal function of public transport;

- considerably reduced safety, and increased risk to the lives and health of local residents due to the inability of emergency services to reach the homes of residents;

- major inconvenience for the elderly and visitors to our homes.

The situation has become utterly unbearable for the residents who can no longer reach or depart their homes and vicinity in a reasonable manner. Please sign the petition asking Barnet Council and all relevant authorities to act on this matter as soon as possible so as to oblige the management of the new religious centre to remedy the situation as soon as possible. The Council should also look into more stringent parking and planning restrictions to prevent any further deterioration of the quality of our lives and our safety.

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