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Creating a Flat Space for Roller Skaters.

We the undersigned petition the council to To create a safe environment for roller skaters in Montrose Playing Field, the fluctuation of roller skaters in the area is at all time high with no safe spaces to skate. We would like the council create a flat space that roller skaters could skate on all year round.

We at WatchMyWheels have been roller skating in the area for 2 years and created a vast roller skate community in the area with limited places to skate that are safe, roller skaters are often forced to skate in car parks where the freedom is still limited as the stores do not allow the skaters to skate peacefully. Last year we had to skate in the basketball courts in Montrose Playing field whilst dodging the people playing on the courts we also had to invade the tennis court which disturbed the people playing tennis. As there is a lot of kids that skate with us in Montrose Playing Field, The basketball area is not safe for them the risk and safeguarding levels are low as the kids can easily be hit by balls and knocked off balance and be injured. We would like to teach kids and adults how to skate in the area freely with no danger from the innocent public. As the roller skater numbers start to grow in the area throughout the year the Montrose basketball court will not be big enough for us to skate in during the summer as last year proved that as skaters from all around north west london and out of borough found out about the new fresh paving in the park. This area would be looked after by the WatchMyWheels team and local
skaters, last year we had weekly clean ups at the park on the basketball court to prevent any skaters falling on glass or other sharp objects we are dedicated to creating a space for skaters that is safe.

Here are clips of the skate community in the area, enjoying the tennis court when possible.


This ePetition runs from 24/03/2021 to 24/05/2021.

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