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Make Lodge Lane safe and bring back a sense of community

We the undersigned petition the council to Look after our Lodge Lane community and put the safety of residents, pedestrians and school children first, by urgently addressing the road rage, speeding, narrow footpath and tension caused by increased traffic.

This petition is on behalf of the residents of Lodge Lane N12, a very narrow lane with barely 1m wide pavements and no room for 2 way traffic. Cars are continually climbing the pavement to get past each other so we are unable to exit our front gardens on one side of the road. We are angered that speeding restriction measures  in Lodge Lane seem to be having no effect whatsoever on the amount of traffic and speed of vehicles travelling down our small lane. One of the 20mph illuminated slow speed signs does not work  and the signs have been placed in  inappropriate positions so that they are not easily noticed and ineffective.We have highlighted, in the past, the problem with 2 way traffic in our road, the noise, pollution and lack of safety for residents and pedestrians, not to mention the stressful tension from  bad tempered drivers, swearing and beeping sometimes from 7am until dusk. This is a residential, narrow lane which, the council seems to have forgotten, contains residents and a school exit  full of children entering and  leaving. Minimal  budget and time has been allocated to improve the quality of life or safety of our users, including no measures for safe walking during covid. It is appalling that more consideration is given to other suburban roads with less traffic, situated in quieter areas,  not 'off' the High Road. For example, in the past, there were many months of traffic curbing discussions and experiments - at great expense - around Partingdale Lane, tucked away between Frith Lane and Mill Hill Ridgeway. Few pedestrians use this road. 
Lodge Lane is a historically important  road for the area. We now have a Tommy statue, cottages dating back to the early 1800s,  a list of famous and noted  past residents, a small market and a community that is struggling to feel safe. Traffic means the community spirit we have had is being destroyed.   We need to restore some tranquility for the residents
Please can you help us get these problems seriously addressed and sign our petition.

This ePetition ran from 28/11/2020 to 09/01/2021 and has now finished.

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