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Introduce traffic calming measures to help stop speeding on North End Road

We the undersigned petition the council to install speed cameras or introduce other speed calming measures to ensure the 20MPH speed limit is observed on North End Road.

North End Road is a busy road used by heavy traffic including lorries, buses, cars and cyclists. The road has schools, a nursery, a church and shops, and a heavy pedestrian presence, particularly small children using the road during the mornings and afternoons.

The current speed limit is 20MPH, which ties in with the speed limit in the borough of Camden, this ends just before the turning for Hampstead Way. From there, the mostly downhill route is used by many cars to speed down, flouting the speed limit; it appears that some cars seem to be going faster even than 30MPH. The problem isn’t just downhill but the other way too.

Statistics of road traffic incidents back up our concerns, showing there are more incidents than would be expected for a road of this nature. This is particularly worrying given that many small children use this road.

It is extremely concerning that failure of Barnet council to act on this will result in a serious incident soon. We are petitioning the council to introduce measures to ensure motorists maintain a speed of 20MPH, ideally by installing speed cameras, or failing that, speed humps. Either way, a failure to act to protect the safety of residents and visitors would constitute an act of negligence by Barnet council.

This ePetition runs from 17/08/2020 to 17/10/2020.

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