Committee details

North Area Committee

Purpose of committee

The North Area Committee meets four times per calendar year and represents the following wards:


East Barnet

Barnet Vale

High Barnet


Totteridge and Woodside

Mill Hill




The North Area Committee has the following responsibilities:-

1)    Provide an opportunity for any resident to raise matters affecting the area (except matters relating to licensing and planning applications).

2)    Responsibility for all area specific matters relating to the street scene including parking, road safety, transport, allotments, parks and trees.

3)    Consider area specific matters as agreed with the Chair.

4)    Consider matters relating to Town Centre regeneration and designating conservation areas.

5)    Determine the allocation of Community Infrastructure Levy funding within the area subject to sufficient of the budget allocated to the committee being unspent.


In addition to the above the North Area Committee can also:


-        Consider issues submitted by citizens on local matters and determine how they are to be taken forward, including instructing an Officer to provide an additional response within 20 working days.

o   To submit a Resident Issue please use this link

o   Issues must be submitted to the Governance Service by 10am on the tenth working day before the meeting.


-       Consider petitions which receive between 501 and 3000 signatures relating to the functions and responsibilities of the Area Committee. Following consideration of the petition, the Area Committee can determine how the matter is taken forward. The Committee will decide to:

• Take no action

• Refer the matter to the relevant Cabinet Member or Committee Chair to provide a written respond to Lead Petitioner within 20 working days; or

• Instruct an officer to prepare a report for a future meeting of Cabinet or the Committee on the issue(s) raised with a recommended course of action

-        The link to the petitions site can be found here -


-        Detailed responsibilities of North Area Committee, including a complete list of the Committee’s powers and duties) can be found in the Constitution under Part 2B Terms of Reference of Committees and the Part 3C - Committee Procedure Rules


-         Details on Petitions can be found in the Constitution under Part 3F Petition Scheme


Contact information

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