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Venue: Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BG

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    The Chairman of the Adults and Safeguarding Committee, Councillor Sachin Rajput opened the meeting and welcomed Councillor Stephen Sowerby to the membership of the Committee. He also thanked Councillor Caroline Stock who was replaced by Councillor Sowerby, for all her input and contributions to the work of the Committee.


    Members were informed that this meeting was both audio recorded and conducted as a paperlight meeting.


    It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting held on 5th June 2019 be agreed as a correct record.


    Votes were declared as follows:







    *The Chairman used his casting vote.



Absence of Members


    Apologies were received from Councillor Golnar Bokaei and Councillor Lisa Rutter.


Declarations of Members Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Non-Pecuinary Interests


    The following declarations were made during the meeting:



    Agenda item(s)


    Anne Hutton


    Non-pecuniary interest by virtue of being a Trustee of Barnet Carers Centre

    Jo Cooper


    Non-pecuniary interest by virtue of being employed by the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust



Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)




Members' Items (if any)




Public Questions and Comments (if any) pdf icon PDF 69 KB


    The Committee noted the responses to the submitted Public Questions which were published prior to the meeting.


    The Committee also noted the supplementary questions from Ms Waisal and Ms Hudson which were responded to verbally at the meeting.


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    The Chairman introduced the report which presents the information requested at the June 2019 Committee meeting on implementation of the Medium Term Financial Strategy.


    The Chairman stressed that the Council’s practice is in line with legislation and national guidance and that no one can be moved from their home without their consent. He highlighted that when individuals are assessed and needs identified, Officers will work to always ensure that those needs are met in compliance with legislation. 


    The Executive Director for Adults and Health, Dawn Wakeling presented the report and highlighted the benchmarking data on independent living, low residential admissions and positive outcomes for people who access care and support.


    Following a query from the Committee about section 2.8 of the report, Officers spoke about the savings target set for this financial year. It was noted that, in common with any saving relating to the costs of care, the deliverability of the saving is dependent on the care and support needs that arise throughout the year. 


    The Committee requested to receive further information outside of the meeting on:

    -        the evidence-based model originally developed in Australia, referred under section 2.7 of the report. (Action)

    -        more detail of the costs of different care and support packages in relation to the figures, referenced under section 2.14 (Action)


    A motion was proposed by Councillor Reema Patel, which was seconded, to read:


    That this report be referred up to Full Council together with a recommendation that the Council reverses the decision to meet the £425K saving.


    Given that the report was for noting and was marked as non-key and non-urgent, Officers advised that in line with the Council’s Constitution the report could not be referred up to Full Council. No vote was taken on the motion.


    The Chairman referred to the Officers recommendations as set out in the report.


    The Adults and Safeguarding Committee noted the contents of the report.



Q1 2019/20 Delivery Plan Performance Report pdf icon PDF 440 KB


    The Chairman introduced the Q1 Performance Report and invited Members to query the content of the report.


    In response to a query about any significant projected overspend, Officers noted that risks are reviewed on a quarterly basis and that savings achievement is being monitored monthly with potential risks identified and mitigated as early as possible. Furthermore, it was noted that risks associated with savings proposals will be outlined within reports for consideration by the Committee.


    Ms Wakeling briefed the Committee about the challenges and uncertainties facing the adult social care sector on a national and local level as a demand led service.


    Following a query from the Committee about the savings variance for Prevention Services in Table 1, section 2.1 Officers noted that work will continue with providers to deliver effective and efficient services, particularly around prevention contracts.


    In relation to a query about the overspend for the placements budget, it was noted that this is due to increasing complexity of needs, which in turn creates challenges for service capacity such as for nursing care.


    Councillor Patel moved a motion which was seconded to read:


    That the Committee refer this item to the Policy & Resources Committee to review with a recommendation for a reversal of the savings forecast delivery line E6 in Table 3 of the report.


     Votes were declared as follows:








    *The Chairman used his casting vote.


    The motion was therefore declared lost. The Chairman moved to the Officers Recommendations as set out in the report. It was unanimously RESOLVED that:


    The Committee reviewed the performance, budget and risk information for Q1 2019/20 and makes any referrals to Policy and Resources Committee or Financial Performance and Contracts Committee in accordance with the terms of reference of these Committees, as it decides appropriate.



Fit and Active Barnet (FAB) Framework Update pdf icon PDF 250 KB


    Upon invitation of the Chairman, the Assistant Director for Greenspaces and Leisure Ms Cassie Bridger presented the report to the Committee. Ms Bridger spoke about the outcomes set out within the Fit and Active Framework which is aligned with the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


    The Committee noted that the FAB Partnership Board includes a variety of different internal and external stakeholders to maximise representation.


    Following a comment about performance monitoring, Ms Bridger noted the partnership with Middlesex University who will aim to track and evaluate specific programmes throughout the duration of the contract, seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of children and adults in Barnet.


    Members of the Committee commended the work delivered towards the opening of the new leisure centres in Barnet as well as the improvements made to leisure facilities. The Committee requested that improvement of current and new signage for health trails (measured walking routes) be reviewed and considered.


    Ms Bridger welcomed the comments and noted that signage will be considered across the borough to ensure that information to the end user is improved as much as possible.


    It was unanimously RESOLVED that:


    1.     That the Adults and Safeguarding Committee noted the progress which has been made in the implementation of the Fit and Active Barnet Framework.

    2.     That the Adults and Safeguarding Committee noted the future delivery priorities of the Fit and Active Barnet Framework.



Update report New Delivery Model for Care Home and Day Care Services pdf icon PDF 180 KB


    The Committee noted the report which was introduced by the Chairman. Members were encouraged to ask follow-up queries on particular findings of the CQC inspections relating to specific providers outside of the meeting.


    It was unanimously RESOLVED:


    That the Committee noted the termination of the council’s residential and day care services contract with the Fremantle Trust, with subsequent contract novation to Your Choice Barnet and successful mobilisation of residential and day care service delivery on the 8th July 2019.



Adults Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Update pdf icon PDF 176 KB


    The Chairman introduced the Adults MASH Update report which provides an overview of activities delivered and planned.


    It was RESOLVED that:


    The Committee noted this progress update.




Barnet Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2018-19 pdf icon PDF 268 KB


Committee Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 205 KB


    Members noted the standing item on the agenda which lists the business items for consideration at future meetings. The Committee RESOLVED to note the Forward Work Programme for 2019-2020.  




Any other items that the Chairman decides are urgent