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Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 109 KB

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The Chair commented that the Events in Parks Policy and Tree Policy items were withdrawn from the agenda and would be discussed at a future meeting.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 21 November 2022 be agreed as a correct record.





Absence of Members


Apologies were received from Councillor Chakraborty who was substituted by Councillor Farrier.



Declarations of Members' Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Non-Pecuniary Interests




Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)



Public Questions and Comments (if any) pdf icon PDF 72 KB


Public questions received were published on the web page alongside the agenda.


The Chair invited residents to the table to receive a response and to offer them the opportunity to ask supplementary questions.


In response to Mr Stephen Young’s question the Chair noted that Barnet is committed to all aspects of achieving Net Zero by 2030 and would ensure plant-based options are available for the limited amount of catering provided by the council.


The Chair responded to Mr Ben Samuel’s question. He noted that the council is not trying to encourage car use as road resurfacing is essential maintenance. The work also involves making footways safe and the council is also promoting active travel. Mr Samuel asked whether the income from parking could be reinvested into the future of transport in Barnet. The Chair noted that the remit for this spending is strictly defined though LIP funding and other sources are being used on active travel proposals including cycle storage and pavement widening. Details on the parameters for spending from the parking account are outlined on the Barnet website.


The Chair responded to Mr Peter Hale’s question. Officers would welcome such discussions with residents and cycling groups, including site visits. Mr Hale asked what future cycle schemes the council would be working on. Mr Colin Aarons, Interim Transport and Highways Lead stated that the focus is on the A1000 currently but other cycle schemes would be considered at a later stage. There would be opportunities across the Borough, subject to consultation and funding.


Mr Hale noted that Barnet Cyclists and Better Streets for Barnet are keen to be consulted and are concerned not only with cyclists’ safety but also that of pedestrians, drivers and users of public transport, particularly at major junctions and side roads. The Chair noted that a key part of designing and improving the A1000 will be to look at junctions with a view to pedestrian safety as well and to ensure details are consulted on.  


The Chair responded to Mr Samuel’s third question on the Forecast Financial Outturn. The Chair noted that residents could continue to assist with money saving, for example there had been less black bin rubbish than had been forecast, and such savings are being encouraged as part of the Barnet Zero Campaign. Mr Samuel asked why a waste burning power plant is being built. The Chair responded that the North London Heat and Power Plant is being built by the North London Waste Authority and the decision on this had been taken some time ago. The facility is needed but the council wants to reduce the amount of waste being sent there as much as possible.




Members' Items




Investing in Barnet's Roads and Pavements Programme 2023/24 pdf icon PDF 327 KB


Mr Edser, Director Highways and Transportation noted that the report presented follows on from the previous report received by the Committee on 6th September 2022, detailing the council’s approach using network recovery and CIL capital funding streams. The report provides more detail on the actions to take place from 1st April 2023 and the costs involved, subject to the Committee’s approval. Mr Edser added that Members should have received an invitation to discuss the proposals for their ward. Members will also be made aware if changes are made and should contact officers via their Member Liaison Officer if they have queries.


The Chair agreed to add a reference to engagement with Ward Members to the recommendations. He moved a motion to add


Recommendation 5: engagement will take place with all Ward Members, the outcome of which will feed into the process. Ward Members will be made aware of any changes to the list.


The motion was seconded by Cllr Longstaff. The Chair moved to a vote on the officer’s recommendations including the additional Recommendation 5.


For (approval) – 11

Against (approval) - 0


RESOLVED that the officer’s recommendations and the additional Recommendation 5 were approved.


Environment & Climate Change Forecast Financial Outturn month 8 (November 2022) pdf icon PDF 270 KB


The Chair introduced the report and invited Mr Asong, Head of Finance to the table.


Cllr Longstaff enquired about the overspend figure of £14.6million (page 22), what the likely outturn is and what plans are in place to deal with the overspend. Mr Asong responded that £14.6million is the predicted outcome by the end of the year, barring any additional funding being provided.


The Chair moved to a vote on the officer’s recommendations.


RESOLVED that the report was noted.



LiP Funding Allocation - Delivery Programme 23/24 pdf icon PDF 257 KB

Additional documents:


Mr Edser, Director, Highways and Transportation presented the report. He noted that funding via Transport for London (TfL) and the Department for Transport had been reduced for 2022/23 and was suspended in 2021/22 and allocated to social distancing activities.


Mr Edser reported that a two-year funding arrangement had been agreed for TfL in September 2022 which had then quickly been cascaded to the Boroughs to be used for active travel schemes, road safety schemes, cycling and bus connectivity.


Mr Edser reported that the list circulated with the report would be reviewed by TfL before he agrees the final list in consultation with the Chair.  


Cllr Cohen enquired what the road safety and pedestrian improvements (page 5) for Golders Green would be. Mr Edser would forward the details to Cllr Cohen following the meeting.  

Action: Mr Edser


Cllr Longstaff asked why the bus lanes (page 9) had not been mentioned previously. Mr Edser would investigate further and respond to Cllr Longstaff after the meeting, but they were likely to be improvement schemes aligned with TfL strategies.

Action: Mr Edser


Cllr Grover requested further details on the road safety engineering item at Wildwood Road. Mr Edser would forward this information to Cllr Grover.

Action: Mr Edser


Cllr Cooke asked whether there is a proposal to convert ‘hail and ride’ stops to full bus stops (page 7, appendix, 383 bus route). Mr Edser would send further details to Cllr Cooke following the meeting.

Action: Mr Edser


Cllr Radford requested further information on the proposals for the 384 bus route.

Action: Mr Edser


Cllr Grover asked how far Members would be informed on schemes affecting their wards as the proposals progress. Mr Edser noted that all would be subject to consultation and briefing with ward councillors.


The Chair moved to the vote on the officer’s recommendations.


For (approval) – 7

Against (approval) – 0

Abstain – 4


RESOLVED that the recommendations were approved.





Sustainability Strategy Update pdf icon PDF 255 KB

Additional documents:


Ms Yogita Popat, Assistant Director, Sustainability, presented her report which provided an update since November 2022 and progress on actions from the engagement workshop held in March 2022. The report also provided an update on the Citizens Assembly and road map to net zero.


Ms Popat reported that the 11 recommendations from the workshop had fed into the wider sustainability action plan.


Recruitment to the Citizens Assembly and Young People’s Assembly had closed and successful residents were being contacted. The Young People’s Assembly had requested that five young people be part of the co-design work and their first meeting would go ahead the following week to start to design sessions for young people. A process for reporting the outcomes and long term monitoring of the Assembly was being coordinated with Middlesex University. The team would also be writing to all the schools and an engagement plan for working with young people would be brought back to the committee.


Ms Popat noted that details of progress were included in the appendices.


Cllr Radford congratulated officers on the paper and the large amount of engagement on the Barnet website.


Cllr Conway asked who the 12 partner organisations within the Sustainability Strategy Framework. Ms Popat would inform Cllr Conway after the meeting.

Action: Ms Popat


Cllr Grover congratulated the team for a terrific campaign. He enquired whether there are any targets towards electric car ownership. Mr Craig Miller, Street Scene Director reported that the mixed offer of charging points should encourage residents to move to electric vehicles.


Cllr Longstaff thanked the team for the report. He enquired whether Folds School had an air source heat pump. Ms Popat would check and let Cllr Longstaff know.

Action: Ms Popat


RESOLVED that the report was noted.



Highways Term Maintenance Contract - Negotiation Outcomes pdf icon PDF 330 KB


Mr Edser that Tarmac Kier’s initial term with Barnet was for 2 years and 6 months from 1st April 2021. Several Re contracts are returning in-house from April 2023 which does not change the proposals for the longer-term maintenance arrangements.


Mr Edser reported that the contract had been procured through TfL Highway Maintenance Projects Framework which has a term of 8 years. This has a call-off arrangement making it possible to reduce this so a shorter term was agreed.  The E&CC Committee had agreed in January 2022 to officers negotiating with Tarmac Kier for an extension as set out in the report. Officers are proposing an extension by five years and six months to the full eight-year term. Extending beyond this would be out of scope with TfL. A break clause would be built into the contract for three years from September 2023 which would enable both parties to assess how well the contract is performing.


Mr Edser reported that Section 2.8 of the report sets out the quality proposals that had been agreed in principle with Tarmac Kier subject to legal and commercial teams’ and the committee’s approval.


Further to a discussion the Chair moved to the vote on the officer’s recommendations.


RESOLVED that the recommendations were unanimously approved.





Tree Policy Update and Planting Programme

To follow.


Item deferred.


Events in Parks Policy update

To follow


Item deferred.


A1000 Cycleway pdf icon PDF 586 KB

Additional documents:


Mr Aarons, Interim Transport and Highways Lead noted that the report summarises the outcomes from the Borough-wide consultation and engagement exercise (appendix B). Feedback was that 62% of residents who responded wanted to see the cycleway retained and improved, 33% wanted it to be removed and 5% didnt respond to the question. Mr Aarons reported that the route would be retained, and funding would be sought to carry out the required improvements.


Cllr Farrier noted that there are many gaps in the cycle lane, particularly through East Finchley town centre where it is almost non-existent. There also needs to be greater physical demarcation of the cycle lane to make cyclists and pedestrians feel safer. Cllr Farrier added that it is unclear how many cyclists are using the route and whether it had resulted in reducing car use. She asked what the timescale is for completion.


Mr Aarons responded that the cycle lane had been installed quickly in response to government requirements for emergency measures during the pandemic. The route would be brought up to the standard of a permanent piece of infrastructure including  better continuity, better segregation for cyclists and looking at the needs of other road users. The timescale would be around 2-3 years.


Cllr Longstaff commented that sunken drains are potholes are very dangerous for cyclists and destroy confidence in cycling, and he receives many resident complaints about these, so a flat surface needs to be part of the improvements. In addition there are areas with old road markings still visible which poses a danger to all road users as two different sets of markings are visible at the same spot.


Mr Aarons noted that these matters were raised at the workshops, and the national standards would apply for the route.


Cllr Farrier requested that Recommendation 3 be amended to include ‘in consultation with Barnet cyclists, other groups and local ward Members’. Also Recommendation 4 – should come to committee for approval.


The Chair agreed Cllr Farrier’s first suggestion but did not agree that every change should be brought back to committee – they would be reported to committee as stated in Recommendation 6.


Cllr Farrier moved a motion that Recommendation 7 be added: ‘The Committee instruct Officers to undertake initial tasks to facilitate the future improvement of the Cycle Lane infrastructure to a standard in common with relevant national standards and advisory notes, which may necessitate new permanent TMOs, in consultation with Barnet cyclists, other groups and ward Members’. Cllr Farrier moved a motion that Recommendation 6 be re-worded: ‘ that the Environment and Climate Change Committee receives future reports on any improvements and progress with the development of the A1000 Cycle Lane’. The motions were seconded by Cllr Radford.


The Chair moved to the vote on Recommendations 1-7.


For (approval) – 8

Against (approval) – 0

Abstain - 1


RESOLVED that the officers recommendations with additional recommendation 7 were approved.



Committee Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 77 KB


The Chair introduced the Work Programme. He confirmed that the two deferred reports (Tree Policy and Events in Parks Policy) would be brought to the next meeting.


RESOLVED that the Work Programme was noted.



Any Other Items that the Chairman Decides are Urgent