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Introduction, Apologies and Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 77 KB


    RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 27 January 2017 be approved as a correct record.


    The Chairman of the Safer Communities Partnership Board, Councillor David Longstaff, welcomed all attendees to the meeting.


    Apologies for absence had been received from:


    ·           Jon Dickinson, LB Barnet

    ·           Tina McElligott, LB Barnet

    ·           Jamie Keddy, National Probation Service

    ·           Roger Kemp, Barnet Safer Neighbourhood Board

    ·           Caroline Birkett, Victim Support

    ·           Aveen Gardiner, Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC)

    ·           Laura Featley, Department for Work and Pensions

    ·           Tim Harris, North West London Magistrates Court



Matters Arising


    Board Members gave updates on matters arising as follows:


    In relation to minute item 2 (Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls) Julie Pal confirmed that consultation dates had been circulated in CommUNITY Barnet newsletters.  The Board also noted that the £100,000 bid to the Department for Communities and Local Government for additional refuge beds had been approved in February. 


    In relation to minute item 3 (Update from the Community Rehabilitation Company), Peter Clifton reported that the CRC structure had been circulated to Board Members. 



Barnet Borough Watch Update pdf icon PDF 2 MB

    1.         Outcomes delivered by Barnet Borough during 2016/17

    2.         Future delivery


    Julie Pal, CEO CommUNITY Barnet, and Paul Hammond, Barnet Borough Watch


    Julie Pal (CommUNITY Barnet) and Paul Hammond (Barnet Borough Watch) presented an update on Barnet Borough Watch. 


    Paul Hammond reported that new watches were being created on new housing developments.  It was noted that Neighbourhood Watches tended to use WhatsApp as a communication tool. 


    Paul Hammond introduced the 2017 work priorities that were detailed in the presentation.


    Claire Ansdell (National Probation Service) suggested that representatives from her organisation attend local Neighbourhood Watch meetings. 


    Steve Leader (London Fire Brigade) proposed that fire safety information be disseminated through the Neighbourhood Watch network.  He also suggested that fire safety be linked to burglary roadshows. 


    In relation to the 500 free timer switches the Chairman questioned whether these had been installed and were being used.  Paul Hammond reported he only had anecdotal evidence but suggested that they were being used by recipients.  In addition, around 200 MetTrace units had been purchased from Barnet Borough Watch. 


    The Board were informed that distraction burglary was a local issue.  In addition, it was reported that some residents had been undertaking street patrols and that this was being discouraged by Barnet Borough Watch due to personal safety concerns. 


    In response to a question from the Board, Paul Hammond reported that there were 960 neighbourhood watches in Barnet, but that not all were active. 


    Chief Superintendent Simon Rose thanked Barnet Borough Watch for their support in disseminating crime prevention messages across through their network.  


    The Board noted the update and priorities as set out in the presentation.



Domestic Violence and Abuse and Violence Against Women and Girls pdf icon PDF 828 KB

    1.         Update from the DVA VAWG Sub Group

    2.         Presentation of DV and VAWG data

    3.         Presentation of the draft DVA and VAWG Strategy

    4.         Violence Against Women and Girls Transformation Fund


    Kiran Vagarwal – Strategic Lead Safer Communities, Barnet Council


    Additional documents:


    Kiran Vargwarl (Strategic Lead for Community Safety) and Peter Clifton (Community Safety Manager) presented the draft Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2017-2020. 


    A Board Member questioned how the strategy recognised non-violent behaviour and coercion as there was concern that this area of domestic violence was underreported.  Kiran Vargwarl reported that part of the Strategy would be to review casework to develop the evidence base.  This would include case reviews from Family Services and Adults.  It was noted that examples of non-violent abuse would be included in the Strategy. 


    It was questioned how engagement with difference communities would take place.  The Board were advised that the police were working with community based charities and the safer neighbourhood’s teams were undertaking outreach work with schools. 


    A Board Member questioned what consideration had been given to the issue of increased reporting vs. increased prevalence in the Strategy.  Peter Clifton advised that this would be addressed as part of the deeper analysis in the Strategy.  Simon Rose informed the Board that the police considered the repeat rate and reported that 50% of offenders didn’t repeat.  He added that after three incidents preventative resources were increased.


    Kiran Vargwarl requested comments on the draft Strategy from partners by 5 May.  She reported that the following would be consulted: CommUNITY Barnet; Barnet Youth Forum; service users; Schools Circular; DV Forum and MARAC; and the Community Leadership Committee. 


    Dr Simon Harding (Middlesex University) requested that the Strategy be promoted through the University there were 20,000 female students and staff.  It was suggested that this could take place through student union representatives.  The Chairman suggested that promotion could take place though the Communities Together Network, Safer Neighbourhoods Boards and Neighbourhood Watch.  Kiran Vargwarl added that there would be a media and communications plan to promote the Strategy. 


    The Board agreed the draft Barnet and Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2017-2020, subject to the changes set out in the published addendum relating to the Foreword and Executive Summary. 



2017/18 MOPAC Funding pdf icon PDF 83 KB

    1.         Summary of 2016/17 outcomes

    2.         Outline of 2017/18 funding


    Kiran Vagarwal – Strategic Lead Safer Communities, Barnet



    Kiran Vargwarl (Strategic Lead for Community Safety) and Peter Clifton (Community Safety Manager) presented an update on MOPAC Funding.


    For the 2016/17 MOPAC crime reduction projects Peter Clifton reported that:


    ·           In relation to the Young Peoples Substance Misuse Interventions and Reducing Substance Misuse Offending there had been a strong improvement in performance.  However, there had been a lower level of take-up upon prison release which was a concern.  A review of pathways was underway.  


    ·           In relation to Enhanced Integrated Offender Management it was reported that joint work had been undertaken with the Community Rehabilitation Company on strengthening mental health referral pathways.  In addition, there had been an update to the Information Sharing Agreement and developments in relation to treatments outside prison.  Further work would be taking place on the employment, education and training aspects of the project. 


    In relation to the 2017/18 MOPAC projects it was reported that Barnet had submitted a proposal for the next round of the ‘London Crime Prevention Fund’ and proposals had been agreed in principle by MOPAC and would fund a number of community safety projects in Barnet during 2017/18 and 2018/19. 


    The Board noted the update.



CCTV and ANPR update

    Update on the delivery and outcomes of the community safety CCTV scheme


    Peter Clifton – Community Safety Manager



    Peter Clifton (Community Safety Manager, LB Barnet) provided an update on CCTV and ANPR.  He advised the Board that the CCTV upgrade had resulted in a 158% increase in the number of incidents highlighted to the police.  Cameras were now deployed in the highest demand areas.  It was noted that ANPR interceptions had also been improving.  Simon Rose (Metropolitan Police) advised the Board that the CCTV improvements enabled the police to intervene before crimes had taken place which reduced harm.  He added that better quality images increased the number of prosecutions.  Kiran Vargwarl reported that there had been a strong communications approach to sharing successes which had resulted in the criminal community being aware of the CCTV improvements which had a deterrent effect.


    Responding to a question, Kiran Vargwarl reported that the council complied with RIPA regulations by publishing a CCTV Code of Practice.  She added that decisions relating to the tasking of cameras would be made in partnership.  


    The Board noted the update.



Performance Dashboard pdf icon PDF 343 KB

    Performance dashboard update


    Peter Clifton, Community Safety Manager



    Kiran Vargwarl (Strategic Lead for Community Safety) and Peter Clifton (Community Safety Manager) presented an updated Performance Dashboard.  The Board were informed that there had been a strong improvement in performance relating to all types of burglary.  Barnet was generally improving in London-wide statistics.


    The Chairman requested that the Performance Dashboard include some narrative about the seriousness of anti-social behaviour incidents.


    The Board noted the update.



Future Work Programme

    Proposed items for next SCPB on 21 July 2017:


    1.         Progress report on funding (Prevent, VAWG, MOPAC)

    2.         Presentation of VAWG delivery plan and performance management

    3.         Analytical work to support the partnership – programme and progress of work 

    4.         Update from MOPAC on Pan London Commissioning and partnership with the SCPB

    5.         CLC – Update on local model and performance – key local partnership areas for developing

    6.         Responding to ‘wicked problems’ and joint tasking (police and CST)

    7.         New policies/strategies impacting on Community Safety


    Kiran Vagarwal – Strategic Lead Safer Communities, Barnet




    The Board considered the future work programme as set out in the agenda and agreed the following items to be considered in 2017/18:


    1.     Progress Report on Funding (Prevent, VAWG, MOPAC)

    2.     Presentation of VAWG Delivery Plan and Performance Management

    3.     Analytical Work to Support the Partnership – programme and progress of work

    4.     Update from MOPAC on Pan London Commissioning and partnership with the SCPB

    5.     CLC – Update on Local Model and Performance – key local partnership areas for developing

    6.     Responding to ‘Wicked Problems’ and Joint Tasking (police and CST)

    7.     New Policies/Strategies Impacting on Community Safety

    8.     Prevent and Counter Terrorism

    9.     Future Landscape – including new policing plan and other emerging strategies across the partnership

    10.  Drug Abuse (public health)


    The Board agreed the work programme as set out above.