Council decisions

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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
The Acquisition of Properties for 12 September 2018 ref: 700817/09/201817/09/2018
Report of the Chief Executive (Exempt) ref: 697817/07/201817/07/2018
Committee Forward Work Programme ref: 697617/07/201817/07/2018
Report of the Chief Executive ref: 696617/07/201817/07/2018
Statement of Accounts and External Auditor's Audit Completion Report for the year 2017/18 ref: 696917/07/201817/07/2018
Annual Governance Statement and Code of Corporate Governance ref: 696817/07/201817/07/2018
Annual Report of the Audit Committee 2017-18 ref: 697417/07/201817/07/2018
Corporate Anti-Fraud Team (CAFT) Q1 Progress Report 2018-19 ref: 697217/07/201817/07/2018
Internal Audit Exception Recommendations Report and Q1 Progress Report 1st April to 30th June 2018 ref: 697117/07/201817/07/2018
Internal Audit Annual Opinion 2017-18 ref: 696717/07/201817/07/2018
Motion to Exclude the Press and Public ref: 697717/07/201817/07/2018
Minutes of last meeting ref: 696517/07/201817/07/2018