Agenda item

Selective Licensing Phase 2 Consultation Feedback


Councillor Ross Houston, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Homes & Regeneration introduced the report. 


Following discussion, the Chair moved to vote on the recommendations.




RESOLVED that Cabinet:


1.    Approved:

a. the proposed changes to the original proposals following the consultation as set out in Appendix D,

b. the conditions for licenced properties in Appendix E, and that these will also supersede the conditions approved for phase 1 of selective licensing approved by the Housing and Growth Committee on 13th June 2022,

c. the indicative fees for property licensing in Appendix F,

d. the objectives, targets, and reporting timetable in Appendix G,

e. the communications plan in Appendix I,


2.    Approved the making of the designation for a selective licensing scheme in the proposed ten wards in Appendix H and confirm that Cabinet is satisfied:

a. that the making of a single phase 2 selective licensing scheme for the proposed 10 wards is the appropriate course of action, and

b. that the statutory grounds and requirements outlined in this report to introduce a selective licensing scheme have been met 

c. that it has considered other courses of action available to the council that might provide an effective method of achieving the objectives that the designation intends to achieve, and

d. that it considers that making the designations will significantly assist the council to achieve those objectives.


3.    Agreed that a submission be made to the Secretary of State for The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities requesting confirmation of the designation;

4.    Delegated subject to recommendation 4, to the Deputy Chief Executive, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Homes and Regeneration, responsibility for agreeing the final documentation requesting confirmation of the scheme to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

5.    Approved, subject to receiving confirmation from the Secretary of State for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities for the proposed scheme to come into force no sooner than 3 months following receipt of confirmation.


The report set out the options considered, if any, and the reasons for the recommendations and the decision.

Supporting documents: