Agenda item

Administration Motion in the name of Cllr Daniel Thomas - Combatting Crime in Barnet (Agenda item 14.1)


Councillor Thomas moved the motion in his name. Councillor Conway moved an amendment in her name. Debate ensued.


Votes on the amendment in the name of Councillor Conway were recorded as follows:


For: 22

Against: 33

Abstain: 1

Absent: 7

Total: 63


The amendment in the name of Councillor Conway was declared LOST.


Votes on the substantive motion in the name of Councillor Thomas were recorded as follows:


For: 33

Against: 23

Abstain: 0

Absent: 7

Total: 63


The substantive motion in the name of Councillor Thomas was declared CARRIED.




Council notes:


1.    The Government increased its funding to the Metropolitan Police by £138.9m last year and have committed to a further increase of £164.2m in the year to come.


2.    Sadiq Khan has failed to combat crime, including violent crime, throughout his term in office as Mayor of London – both in Barnet and across London.


3.    2021 was, sadly, the worst year on record for the murder of teenagers in London.


4.    The Mayor of London has not supported initiatives from Barnet Council to counter crime, such as reopening the Vivian Avenue Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) hub, which he shut in July 2019

a.    A potential SNT Hub was identified in West Hendon by Cllr Richman, which the Metropolitan Police have refused to utilise.


5.    Barnet’s Labour Group supported the closing of the SNT Hub and opposed its reopening.


6.    The Mayor of London also closed and is selling the High Barnet Police Station.


7.    Barnet Council is currently conducting a full review of its CCTV.


8.    Barnet Council is restructuring and expanding our Community Safety Team (CST), in order to better combat crime and make our residents safer

a.    As a part of this decision, 15 new permanent posts will be created

b.    This is further to recent improvements to the Team, such as the introduction of a CCTV patrol vehicle.


9.    Barnet taxpayers pay more for each police officer than the residents of any other London borough

a.    For each police officer in Barnet, the Mayor of London charges our taxpayers approximately:

                                         i.    25% more than Enfield’s

                                        ii.    40% more than Camden’s

                                      iii.    50% more than Brent or Haringey’s

                                      iv.    69% more than Harrow’s


10. The Mayor of London spends 26% more on PR and 82% on staffing than his predecessor.

This Council believes that:


1.    The people of Barnet should feel safe in their borough, their neighbourhoods and their homes.


2.    In order to make our residents feel safe, it is important that there is a visible police presence across the borough.


3.    Currently Barnet is under-policed, and that emboldens criminals to attack and rob residents. As a geographically larger borough, lower numbers of officers have a direct impact on response times; currently Barnet taxpayers have 7% fewer officers than those of any other Council.


4.    To give our residents their fair share of officers, the increases to the Metropolitan Police’s budget should filter through to a significant increase in police numbers in Barnet.


This Council resolves to:


1.    Urge the Mayor of London to

a.    Improve police officer numbers in Barnet, giving our residents value for money in their policing

b.    Get a grip on crime, in Barnet and across London.

c.    Fund the fight against knife and all violent crime properly

d.     Spend more money on policing and less on PR.


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