Agenda item

Review of Capita Contracts


The Chairman invited John Hooton (Chief Executive) and Deborah Hinde (Commercial and Customer Services Director) to present the item to the Committee.


In response to a query about publication of information Officers noted that information will be considered for publicly reporting to the Committee in consultation with legal and the Chairman once it is permissible to publish the relevant information without any risk of compromising the Councils negotiating position.

The Chairman moved to vote on the recommendations as set out in the report.

Votes were recorded as follows:







*The Chairman used his casting vote and voted for the recommendations.


It was RESOLVED that the Financial Performance and Contracts Committee:

1. Noted that extension proposals have been received from Capita;

2. Noted the evaluation approach that will be applied to those proposals, as set

out in paragraphs 2.1 to 2.6;

3. Noted the content of the performance packs attached at Appendix B;

4. Made the following recommendations to the next meeting of the Policy and

Resources Committee:

That the Policy and Resources Committee agrees that:

a. the council does not seek to extend those elements of the RE and CSG

contracts that relate to the procurement service, regulatory services,

the regeneration service and highways;

b. upon expiry of those elements of the contract, these services be

returned to the council;

c. the future strategy for the highways service should be the subject of a

separate report to the Environment Committee;

d. the recruitment service be returned to the council in February 2022; and

e. the chief executive be authorised to take the necessary action to

transfer the recruitment service back to the council, subject to the

conclusion of the necessary due diligence, and to prepare for the

transfer of other returning services in 2023; and


5. Noted the next stages of activity, as set out in paragraphs 4.1 and 4.2.


Supporting documents: