Agenda item

Minutes of the Previous Meeting



Tuesday 20 November 2018 at 7.00 pm



Barnet Councillors John Hart and Saira Don,

Brent Councillors Roxanne Mashari and Parvez Ahmed

Canal and River Trust: Richard Bennett

London Wildlife Trust: Dianne Murphy and Clive Cohen

Hendon Rifle Club: Dale Langdale

Welsh Harp Sailing Association: David Rose

West Hendon Allotment Society: Liz Hall

Cleaner Earth UK: Peter and Renata Eros

Thames Water: Stephen Barry and Kimberley Rodwell


1.    Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The following items were noted:


Previous outstanding actions in relation to the waste drainage issue were resolved and the hose pipe installed.


The first paragraph of Item 7 the last sentence that stated, “the Friends of Welsh Harp website” should be amended to the Forestry Commission website.


Matthew Gunyon confirmed that he would take up the issue on repair of the bridge with the Community Safety Team to see if they could resolve some enforcement in relation to the activity of fly tipping. The issue with Woodside Park Car Park was being discussed with the Community Safety Team about the possible deployment of a CCTV camera.

Contracts had been awarded for signs, bins and benches, focussing on sites where there was dangerous furniture dumping. Councillor Mashari had emailed the appropriate team about requested signage on littering but funds were very limited.

Matthew Gunyon added that double size bins were present and he would take back the suggestion of emptying the bins with colleagues at Street Scene.

Richard Bennett from the Canal and River Trust said that following a site visit, the area had been made safe and dangerous wooden slabs removed with the help of volunteers.


Liz Hall from the West Hendon Allotment society pointed out that there were rough sleepers who broke into the allotment site which was a nature reserve.  She also wanted to know if Greenspaces had any plans for the preservation of the area. There was a master plan that was currently being worked on which could include the local area.


Councillor Saira Don brought it to the Committee’s attention that local residents were complaining about fishing in the Welsh Harp reservoir. Councillor Don had sent an email to request signage and was waiting to hear back.


Members of the Committee felt fishing had a major effect on wildlife.  From the kind of litter witnessed in the area, it seemed that regular fishing was taking place throughout the site. There was a risk of fishing tackle getting lost in the reservoir and affecting ducks and even children.


Furthermore, following Councillor Mashari’s request to ensure regular patrolling of the area, the Governance Officer advised that the Councillor could write a letter to the Safer Communities Partnership Board or speak directly to the Environment Director requesting signage around the Welsh harp.


Richard Bennett confirmed that fishing did take place but there was in fact a benefit to it at times. There was no element of policing and therefore a complicated issue, although fishing should not be taking place without a licence.


(i)            A joint letter to be written by Chairman and Vice Chairman on behalf of the Committee to make a formal request to the Safer Communities Partnership Board with regards to signage around the Welsh harp.


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