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Members' Items - Area Committee CIL Funding (if any)


A – Member’s Item in the name of Councillor John Marshall: Hedge - Kingsley Way junction with Meadway:


Cllr. Marshall introduced his application for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding for £3,000 to repair a damaged hedge at the Kingsley Way junction with Meadway in the Garden Suburb.


Following the consideration of the issue, the Committee unanimously RESOLVED:


To approve funding of up to £3,000 to provide new Yew trees to repair the damaged hedge at the location above.


B – Member’s Item in the name of Councillor Shimon Ryde: Gratton Terrace Hedge

Councillor Zinkin introduced the Members’ Item on behalf of Councillor Ryde.  He advised that the Member’s Item sought to extend a piece of work previously undertaken by the Greenspaces Team to tackle rough sleeping and antisocial activity at the Southern end of the hedge.


The Committee noted that the aim of the Member’s Item was to secure funding to allow the initial approach to be mirrored at the northern end of the hedge line and to replace any dead shrubs in order to stop the antisocial activities that take place in this area.  Officers advised that the cost of the scheme would be £9,000 and would entail the following:


·         The hedge will be reduced to a height of approximately 8 feet in order to encourage new and thicker growth at the base of the privet hedge.

·         The shrubs at the front will be reduced and or removed in order to allow more light to enter the area.

·         New thorny plant species will be planted along the bank filling in area to mirror the scheme at the southern end.

·         Gaps in the hedge will be planted with new hedging in order to provide a unbroken hedge line.

·         Hedge gaps will be protected with chestnut pale fencing in order to allow the hedge to establish and fill out fully.

Following consideration the committee unanimously RESOLVED:

·         To approve funding of £9,000 to fund Planting scheme in Gratton Terrace as set out above.



C – Councillor Geof Cooke: Glenhurst Road N12


Councillor Cooke introduced his Member’s Item which sought funding to enable officers to carry out a thorough investigation and to bring forward proposals to address the issue of vehicles mounting the pavement and speeding in Glenhurst Road, N12. 


Officers recommended that the Committee instruct a speed survey and on-site investigation to look at the damage to the footway.  Officers advised that the total cost of this would be £5,000.


Following consideration the committee unanimously RESOLVED:


To approve funding of £5,000 for a speed survey and on-site investigation and that options are presented to the Committee. 


D – Councillor Alison Moore – Speeding in Church Lane, N2.


Councillor Moore introduced her application for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding, to look at options for addressing the problem of speeding traffic in the 20mph zone in Church Lane.


Officers advised that a meeting would be set up with Councillor Moore to look at improvement and possible relocation of signage, road markings and the chicane as well as the possibility of inserting a pedestrian crossing. The matter would also be discussed at the F&GG Area Committee in mid-2018 further to speed restrictions having been introduced in adjacent roads. Officers advised that the road markings could be refreshed in the interim as soon as possible within the Re budget.


Following consideration the Committee unanimously RESOLVED


To await the outcome of speed restriction introduction in adjacent roads. Following this the issue would be discussed by the Committee in mid-2018. Interim improvements to road markings would be made by Re and there was no budgetary requirement for this from the Committee.


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