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Community Leadership and Libraries Committee

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Information about Community Leadership and Libraries Committee

The Community Leadership and Libraries Committee:


·       Responsible for libraries, culture, civic events, the mayoralty, community safety, registration and nationality service and grants to the voluntary sector.

·       To receive nominations and determine applications for buildings/ land to be listed as an Asset of Community Value (Community Right to Bid)

·       To submit to the Policy and Resources Committee proposals on the Committees budget for the following year in accordance with the budget timetable and make recommendations on issues relating to virements, underspends or overspends. No decisions which result in amendments to the agreed budget may be made by the Committee unless and until the amendment has been agreed by Policy and Resources Committee.

·       To receive reports on relevant performance information and risk on the services under the remit of the Committee.

·       Oversee library strategy to ensure the library service is modern, fit for purpose, responds to the needs of local communities and that communities understand the library offer.

·       Maintaining good community relations with Barnet’s diverse communities ensuring all have the opportunity to participate fully in the Boroughs affairs.

·       Promote community cohesion through activities to tackle prejudice and promote understanding between communities

·       Contribute to achieving better outcomes in the Safer Communities Strategy through CCTV, fighting crime and anti-social behaviour, action against violence and other relevant council activity.

·       Work together with partners on the Barnet Safer Communities Partnership including Police, Fire and Criminal Justice Agendas to help make Barnet a safer place.

·       Work together with voluntary, community and faith sector to share information on issues and explore solutions to community needs, identifying shared priorities and build new partnerships.

·       Provide scrutiny aspect of Community Safety.