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Licensing and General Purposes Committee

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Information about Licensing and General Purposes Committee

Powers and the duties of the Licensing and General Purposes Committee are:

To consider all matters which under the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000 (referred to in the Schedule 3A-1) to this document, are required not to be the responsibility of the Executive, save for those matters delegated to other Committees of the Council;


To carry out the functions under any relevant statutory provision within the meaning of Part I (Health, safety and welfare in connection with work, and control of dangerous substances) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to the extent that those functions are discharged otherwise than in the authority’s capacity as an employer;


Electoral Services including: elections and electoral registration performance; and polling places and polling district boundaries;


To determine all matters and duties on the authority imposed by legislation, regulations, orders, codes, and similar provisions for:


·         All activities under the Licensing/Gambling Acts

·         Food safety and control.

·         Animal health, welfare, safety and control.

·         Gambling, betting, lotteries and related amusements

·         Crime and disorder issues related to the above duties.

·         To keep under review the Officer Code of Conduct and, after consultation with unions

·         representing staff, make recommendations to Council for amendment or addition.

·         Act as corporate trustee in respect of all assets held by the Council as charitable trustee.

·         Make decisions in respect of those assets in the best interests of the relevant charity.

·         Ensure strict compliance with the relevant Trust document.


Detailed responsibilities of the Licensing and General Purposes Committee can be found in the Constitution under Part 2B Terms of Reference of Committees and the Part 3C - Committee Procedure Rules