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    The Chairman updated the Committee that the request for substitute officers to attend the Welsh Harp meetings on behalf of colleagues who could not attend was still being looked into. The issue would have to be taken through the constitution Committee. (Action: Cllr Khatri)


    An update on Mr Hider’s action point from the last meeting can be found in ‘post meeting’ part of the minutes on page 4.


    Page 5 of the minutes raised the point regarding vandalism. Mr Gunyon will look into the issue and provide an update at the next meeting, (Action: Matthew Gunyon).


    Page 6 of the minutes an action point for Mr Williams has been covered in 3.9 of the Brent report submitted to this meeting.


    Page 7 of the minutes an action point for Mr Williams have been covered in 3.8 of the Brent report submitted to this meeting.


    Page 9 of the minutes and action point raised for Mr Holroyd will be covered in his presentation at this meeting.


    The Chairman updated the Committee on the damage to Cool Oak Bridge. He said that Contractors are due to submit estimates for repair of the bridge, however the issue was more complicated than first thought due to the bridge being a listed building. He said that measures were now in hand to have the bridge repaired and updates would be provided to the Committee hopefully at the next meeting.



Absence of Members


    Councillor John Hart

    Councillor Devra Kay
    Catherine Cullen from the London Wildlife Trust.

    Judy Shepherd from the West Hendon Community Forum

    Julie Johnson from Local Agenda 21



Disclosable Pecuniary interests and Non Pecuniary interests



    Nature of Interest


    Councillor Langleben

    Pecuniary Interest

    Trustee on the West Hendon Estate Community Trust Fund



Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)




London Borough of Barnet - Welsh Harp Management Plan pdf icon PDF 5 MB


    Mr Gunyon from the London Borough of Barnet introduced the report.

    Mr Gunyon updated the Committee that there had been no reports of illegal encampments for January 2017 and that the data for February would be available shortly. The key points in regard to illegal encampments are summarised in table 1.3 on page 16 of the report.


    Mr Gunyon informed the Committee that maps had been included in the report for sites where Knotweed had been identified. He asked that if any other locations were identified that they are emailed to parks and these would be investigated.


    Mr Cohen told the Committee it was important that all knotweed is treated before it flowers; otherwise the nectar might be collected by bees and enter into the human food chain. Mr Gunyon noted this and said treatment would commence before flowering. Mr Hider agreed with Mr Cohen that it should be treated before flowering, but said it can also be treated after flowering.

    Councillor Langleben asked Mr Gunyon whether there was a tender being put through for bins and if so would this be implemented before the beginning of the summer season. Mr Gunyon said a tender was due to commence at the beginning of next week and was hopeful these bins should be in place before the beginning of summer. However the time of implementation is depended on the value of the contract. Mr Gunyon said he would update the Committee on the progress of this.  (Action: Mr Gunyon)


    Mr Dale Langdale said the bins were often overflowing and were not emptied regularly enough. Mr Gunyon said all the bins were on a programme to be emptied and he would look into any bins that had been missed. He asked that any missed bins should be reported to , and these cases would be passed on to a supervisor to sort out.


    Councillor Langleben asked whether the bins on the pathway which cut through the West Hendon Estate were Barnet Council or Barrett Homes bins. Mr Holroyd said currently the land could be readopted by the Local Authority if it wished to do so; however the decision had yet to be made. Mr Holroyd assured the Committee that whoever ended up owning the land would ensure that bins were maintained and managed properly and this would be done throughout the process. In the short term, he said, the land would remain with Barratt, however Barrats were in discussion with  Barnet Council regarding adoption of  the roads, bridges and greenspaces over the long term. Mr Holroyd said that over the summer the bins would be provided on the site by Barratts, and that Barratts and Barnet Council would ensure they work together to ensure a maintenance regime is established.


    Mr Shepherd enquired as to how often the bins were emptied as he had found rubbish spilling out of bins in the area. Mr Gunyon said that in the winter season bins were emptied twice a week and this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


London Borough of Brent - Welsh Harp Management Plan pdf icon PDF 76 KB

    Additional documents:


    Mr Leslie Williams from the London Borough of Brent introduced the report.

    Mr Williams informed the Committee that the joint management plan for Barnet and Rivertrust can be found on the Brent Council website. The Action Plan is attached as an appendix to the Welsh Harp Management plan report.

    Mr Williams said that Brent Council were trying to establish a new timetable, however currently there was little progress on this.


    Mr Williams told the Committee that there had been no new reports since the last meeting in relation to rough sleepers.


    He informed the Committee that Brent was undertaking sport and physical activity sessions, and details of this could be found on the website. He asked that any organisations able to offer activities to residents to go on and log their details on the site or provide a link to a website.


    Mr Williams gave an update on the weekly walks at the Welsh Harp and said consultations would take place regarding the programme going forward. He said an update would be given on future arrangements for the walks once received.


    Mr Williams said that the removal of timber tow boarding from the river was in progress and that Brent  Council was looking to set up projects both up-stream and down-stream of the site.


    In relation to the item raised at the last meeting concerning dead Swans in the reservoir, Mr Williams said Brent Council’s policy of removal of dead animals was dependant on the circumstances of the incident. He said that the Brent reservoir water was the responsibility of the Canal and River Trust and Brent Council does not have facilities at the site to launch boats into the water to deal with dead animals. He said that if the animal were near to the shore, dependant on the circumstance, Brent Council would endeavour to deal with it.


    Mr Williams commented that there was erosion on the recreational ground where it meets the damn wall, and this area is popular with visitors. He said currently no immediate solution had been established, however Brent Council are looking into reducing tree vegetation to spread out over a wider area.

    Mr Williams updated the Committee on disease and pests and said there are currently two main pest species affecting the Horse Chestnut. He said there are also a number of insect pests and fungi affecting the trees in Britain and information on these can be found via the Forestry Commission website, links to which could be found in the report.


    Mr Cohen enquired about the progression of the Sand Martin Banks. Mr Hider said that he had visited the site in February; Catherine Cullen was unable to attend at the time. Mr Hider said discussions had taken place in regard to possible sites for the banks and the trust had been approached to provide details on embankments that had previously been deployed. Mr Hider said the RSPB would be sending information over to him and plans were on-going.

    Mr Langdale said that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


BARRATTS - Update presentation on the West Hendon Regeneration


    Mr Eric Holroyd made a presentation to the Committee updating them on the West Hendon Regeneration plans.


    Mr Holroyd told the Committee that Phase 3a of the scheme was completed and work was progressing on Phase 3b and 3c and updated the Committee on the parameters of the buildings and surrounding landscape.


    Mr Holroyd said that the planning application for Phase 4had been submitted to Barnet Council and consultations were carried out earlier in the year. He said he expected the decision to be made in March or April 2017. Mr Holroyd said that work would then take place on the site until 2019.   Currently Barnet Council was administering 2 Compulsory Purchase Orders (and which will only be used as a last resort) for the land required to deliver Phase 4.  A Public Enquiry was due to take place towards the end of March 2017.

    Mr Holroyd updated the Committee on the Cool Oak Bridge and said that a planning application for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge had been submitted to Barnet Council in January 2017.   He said that the bridge would provide improved access from the development to Woodfield park and West Hendon playing field.


    Mr Holroyd updated the Committee on the removal of trees on the estate, he said he was not able to get details on the total number of trees removed, however he informed the Committee that during Phase 3 the intention was to retain as many of the trees as possible. He said that out of the 50 trees, half of them are planned to be removed and replaced with 145 trees, which would significantly increase the number of trees within the estate. Mr Holroyd said plans for the trees in later phases were still to be agreed, but consultation with Barnet Council would happen before any plans were put in place.


    Mr Hider enquired about proposals for the land on the opposite side of the road to the estate. Mr Holroyd said that the Canals and River Trust had leased this land to Barnet Council and who then leased this to Barratts. He said in the longer term Barnet Council would look at improvements via s106 and there were plans to provide a type of games area in the location after consultation had been completed. Mr Hider asked if they were open to proposals on what the land could be used for. Mr Holroyd said that this would be a decision for Barnet Council once lease of the land had terminated. Mr Gunyon said that alternative ideas could be considered at the point of consultation.


    Ms Murphy asked about changes to buildings on the Broadway and whether older buildings would be demolished to open up the junction during this phase of building. Mr Holroyd said the Broadway had relatively few buildings being demolished as part of the scheme and smaller properties will be removed where the junctions require widening. He said that there was a piece of work being conducted with Barnet  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


PHONEIX CANOE CLUB- Presentation of plans to re-generate the Phoenix Canoe Club


    Mr Phil Atkinson presented a short presentation on the new designs for the Phoneix Canoe Club.


    He told the Committee that the design team had finished the plan drawings and they would be submitted for planning permission at the end of the week. He explained the need for the new building was because the existing building was very old and did not accommodate the needs and facilities of the club.

    Mr Atkinson explained that Timber had been chosen as it blends in with the surrounding area. The building design incorporates a community café and a company was due to be employed to work with adults with learning difficulties. Mr Atkinson said the new plan meant that the boats were now situated at the front of the building toward the water and that an additional 2 changing rooms had been added.


    Mr Cohen asked whether a green roof had been considered as it offered cost savings and would be appropriate for the location. Mr Atkinson said they had been advised that there is so much greenery surrounding the area already that this would not have much additional effect.


    .Mr Holroyd said that they had researched sustainability measures and that a green or brown roof was costly, and the plan needed to be deliverable and cost effective. Ms Murphy stated it was difficult to understand how a green roof would not be cost effective. Mr Holroyd said he would take the feedback from the Committee to the architects to re-look at the plans.



Any Other Business


    Mr Cohen asked that schools be invited to the Welsh Harp to get involved in conservation activities. The Chairman said he would pass this request on to the education officers.  (Action:  Cllr Khatri)  Ms Murphy said Thames 21 already ran such a scheme.



Any Other Items that the Chairman Decides are Urgent




    The chairman thanked the Committee Members for attending this year. He updated the Committee that no dates had yet been set for the Welsh Harp Consultative Committee meetings 2017 -2018 which would now be held at Brent Council. The Chairman told the Committee that as soon as the dates had been finalised they would be circulated. Dates can be found on Brent’s website via the following link: