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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 136 KB


    The Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board, Councillor Caroline Stock welcomed all attendees to the virtual meeting.


    Subject to the correction that there was one public question which was responded to in writing, it was RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 1 October 2020 be agreed as a correct record.



Absence of Members


    Apologies for absence were received from:

    -       Chris Munday who was substituted by Ben Thomas, and

    -       Madeleine Ellis who was substituted by Caroline Collier.



Declaration of Members' Interests


    Dr Charlotte Benjamin, Vice-Chair of the HWBB declared a non-pecuniary interest on behalf of herself, Dr Clare Stephens and Dr Nikesh Dattani as primary care providers via their respective GP Practices and GP Federation in the interest of transparency.



Public Questions and Comments (if any) pdf icon PDF 119 KB


    The Board noted the submitted Public Questions and the responses provided. There was one supplementary question from Ms Angie Hudson who asked whether the system for extended self-isolation payments will revisit people who have been rejected previously, particularly in respect of the expanding criteria. Dr Djuretic noted that a response will be provided in writing. (Action: Public Health)


    The Chairman thanked the COVID Health Champions for all their work, in particular the work done to engage with communities in Barnet.



Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)




List of HWBB Abbreviations pdf icon PDF 140 KB


    The HWBB noted the standing item on the agenda which lists the frequently used acronyms in HWBB reports.



COVID-19 Verbal Update - Dr Tamara Djuretic and Dr Charlotte Benjamin


    The Chairman welcomed Dr Tamara Djuretic, Director of Public Health and Vice-Chair Dr Charlotte Benjamin, NCL CCG to provide an update on COVID-19 in Barnet.


    Dr Djuretic provided an update and noted information about COVID cases and their impact in Barnet. She also referred to the weekly COVID update report which is published on the Council website and updated on a weekly basis on the weblink here[1]. The latest figures show that the infection rate for Barnet is 996/100,000. In relation to age groups, it was noted that there was an increase particularly among the younger population and other age groups.


    The Board noted the work of the COVID Health Champions towards channelling feedback and concerns through from and to communities across the Borough using a range of communication channels, particularly around vaccine acceptance. In relation to vaccine hesitance, Dr Djuretic spoke about the work being delivered as part of the London wide network. She also noted that the COVID email inbox has been set up to gather intelligence from the public.


    Dr Benjamin noted the work delivered in collaboration with all partners to cope with the pressures across the system and support people who are in hospitals. She also spoke about the measures taken to support hospitals and increase hospital bed capacity, such as opening up community beds and stepping down COVID patients where possible.


    The Chairman thanked Dr Djuretic and Dr Benjamin for the updates.





Vaccination Update COVID-19 and Influenza pdf icon PDF 544 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman invited Ms Colette Wood, Director of Transformation for Barnet

    NCL CCG to present the report to the Board.


    The Board noted the presentation and Ms Wood highlighted the scale of the flu vaccination campaign delivered and the early challenges around supply which was addressed. She noted the performance improvements compared to last year’s performance.


    Dr Benjamin spoke about the lessons learnt and foundations established which will be taken forward for the COVID vaccination process. She emphasised that residents will be contacted through NHS communication for COVID vaccination as the system and particularly GPs have received many enquiries around the roll out of the vaccination. The roll out has been set centrally and will be mapped out soon. Each cohort will receive communication about the vaccination within the timelines. Dr Benjamin highlighted that the set protocol will be followed across the system.


    Following a query from the Board about dosage, it was noted that all vaccines are subject to two dosage which will help to protect and save lives.


    Dr Djuretic and Dr Benjamin both stressed the importance of intelligence directed through the COVID Health Champions to inform the local vaccine approach and communication with communities. 


    It was RESOLVED that the Board noted the following:

    1. The approach taken across Barnet to deliver influenza and COVID vaccinations

    2. The current uptake rates across the borough for influenza and COVID

    3. The actions being undertaken to improve the vaccination rates



COVID-19 and its impact on Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital - Caroline Clarke - Verbal update


    The Chairman welcomed Caroline Clarke, group Chief Executive at the Royal Free Hospital to speak on the impact of COVID-19 on Barnet Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.


    Ms Clarke spoke about the measures taken at the hospitals to keep staff and residents safe. The Board heard about the opening of the new Rainbow ward which enables the hospital to look after more COVID patients.


    She also welcomed the approach towards the COVID vaccine programme and thanked the staff and local communities for all their support. Ms Clarke stated that there has been good innovative collaborative working across Public Health hospitals and primary care GP Practices – where wards have been less busy, staff have been deployed to support other hospitals.


    The Chairman and Councillor Cornelius thanked all staff for their work and invited NHS colleagues to contact local Councillors to support the system and local areas.


    In relation to a query from the Board about the new variant of the virus, Dr Djuretic noted that the new variant may not necessarily carry a higher risk for more severe infection but appears to be more transmissible, particularly with children and young people. As such, schools have largely been operating with minimum number of staff and pupils. 


    The Chairman thanked Caroline Clarke and the Board for the presentation and discussion.



Draft Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy report - (Including update on Integrated Care Partnership from Dr Charlotte Benjamin) pdf icon PDF 296 KB

    Additional documents:


    Dr Djuretic introduced the item and the Board received a presentation from Oliver Taylor, Health in All Policies Officer. Mr Taylor spoke about the focus on delivering the three key areas in order to drive improvements in health and wellbeing, namely:


    1. Creating a healthier place and resilient communities

    2. Starting, living and ageing well

    3. Ensuring delivery of coordinated holistic care, when we need it


    He noted that following approval of the Draft Strategy by the Board, the feedback received during the six-week consultation period will inform the final Strategy which will be reported back to the Board.


    Dr Charlotte Benjamin updated the Board about the Integrated Care Partnership. The Board noted that the long-term plan was launched last year in January and that lessons learnt this year will inform the approach towards continued collaborative working. 


    In relation to the two options for Integrated Care system, Dr Benjamin noted that in NCL the preferred option is for a corporate body with statutory functions to enable an effective integrated care system taking into account local population health needs.


    Fiona Bateman, Independent Chair of the Safeguarding Adults Board welcomed the Strategy report and informed the Board that she will provide a collated response on behalf of the SAB.


    It was RESOLVED:


    1.    That the Board reviewed the draft strategy and provide feedback on its content.

    2.    That the Board noted the preliminary findings of the engagement conducted by Healthwatch Barnet.



Presentation Foodbanks - Oliver Scott Verbal update


    The Chairman welcomed Oliver Scott Food Hub Project Manager, Groundwork London and Janet Matthewson CEO of Young Barnet Foundation who provided the Board with a presentation on the coordination of Food Banks in Barnet.


    The Board noted the aim for Food Secure Barnet to ensure joined up working and address food insecurity. It was noted that hubs have also been utilised as a platform for positive messaging around food and nutrition – particularly to improve understanding of good nutrition and food knowledge.


    Board Members welcomed the presentation. Ms Matthewson highlighted the importance of continued partnership working towards tackling food poverty and encouraged the Board to disseminate information about the work of Foodbanks and to help raise awareness about nutrition.


    The Chairman thanked Mr Scott and Ms Matthewson for the informative presentation.



Update on contingency accommodation of asylum seekers in Barnet pdf icon PDF 328 KB


    Mr William Cooper, Deputy Head of Strategy presented and summarised the report to the Board. Mr Cooper noted that the number of people accommodated in hotels has increased.


    The Board noted that improvements have been made to the services provided as well as improvement to access to services. Access to primary care and health screening has improved as well as enhanced health screening.


    Mr Cooper stated that approximately  70% of the cohort have registered with local GP services and have received health screening. He also noted the issues around the need for greater housing in respect of the exit strategy for hotel accommodation.


    Ms Bateman welcomed the report and the opportunity to share data to support people in accommodation.


     It was RESOLVED that the Board noted the update in this report.



Any Items the Chairman decides are urgent


    There were no urgent items. The Chairman thanked all partners noting the importance of continued collaborative joint working.