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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 324 KB


    The Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board, Councillor Caroline Stock welcomed Board Members and all attendees to the virtual meeting.


    The Board welcomed Dr Jo Sauvage, NCL CCG Chair, Francis O’ Callaghan, Accountable Officer NCL CCG and Colette Wood Director of Transformation for Barnet NCL CCG.


    The Chairman also welcomed the new Board member, Sarah McDonald-Davies, who is Executive Director of Borough Partnerships at the NCL CCG, replacing Kay Matthews on the HWBB. The Chairman thanked Kay Matthews on behalf of the Board for all her contributions, enthusiasm, encouragement and support to the Board.


    It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board held on 23 July 2020 be agreed as a correct record.


Absence of Members


    Apologies were received from Chris Munday, Executive Director for Children and Young People who was substituted by Ben Thomas, Assistant Director- Education, Strategy and Partnerships.



Declaration of Members' Interests


    Dr Charlotte Benjamin, Vice-Chair of the HWBB declared a non-pecuniary interest on behalf of herself, Dr Clare Stephens and Dr Nikesh Dattani as primary care providers via their respective GP Practices in the interest of transparency.



Public Questions and Comments (if any)


    None, however it was agreed that a written response would be circulated in addition to the verbal update provided regarding the question on COVID-19 Champions and volunteering.



Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)




List of HWBB Abbreviations pdf icon PDF 139 KB


    The HWBB noted the standing item on the agenda which lists the frequently used acronyms in HWBB reports. Members were encouraged to email any further suggestions to Salar Rida, Governance Service.



Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 537 KB


    The Board considered the Forward Work Programme as set out in the report.



COVID-19 Pandemic Update - verbal


    The Chairman invited Dr Tamara Djuretic Director of Public Health and Dr Charlotte Benjamin NCL CCG to provide an update on this phase of the pandemic from the Council and NHS perspective.


    Dr Djuretic noted that most recent figures show that infection rate for Barnet to be 25/100,000 and that London was put on national watchlist. In terms of testing it was noted that testing has increased in Barnet and that approximately 5,100 tests were done through community testing. Weekly updates on COVID-19 infection rates locally can be accessed on Barnet’s website here.


    Dr Djuretic spoke about the continued approach towards public health communication, community engagement, increased testing and enforcement  which includes following government advice on social distancing, self-isolation, wearing face coverings on public closed spaces such as public transport and practicing good hand hygiene.


    The Board noted that new guidance was issued regularly on enforcement and engagement and the importance of getting the balance right for the benefit of the community and to avoid further spread of COVID-19.


    Dr Djuretic briefed the Board about the new fixed testing centre in Burnt Oak. This is a Local Testing Site (LTS) with walk-in capabilities and will supplement Mobile Testing Units that are available at different sites across the borough.


    The LTS has been risk assessed and it is COVID-19 Secure, with all mitigation risks being put in place to minimise any disturbance to surrounding neighbourhoods.


    Dr Benjamin updated the Board on NHS COVID-19 preparedness and access to the NHS services locally. The Board noted that GP practices across the borough are using webinars, e-consultation format, phone and email in addition to walk-in availability for patients. This will help to protect patients and reduce the risk of picking up infection from a clinical setting. Dr Benjamin also informed the Board about using a range of communication channels to inform the wider community including communication through partners.


    The Chairman thanked Dr Djuretic and Dr Benjamin for the updates.


    Update on Long COVID-19

    Upon invitation of the Chairman, the Board welcomed Emma Lewis and Bernadette Henderson, Therapy Services Lead Children Governance from Barnet Hospital to provide an update on Long COVID-19.


    The Chairman noted the importance of learning and understanding the implications of this new condition. The Board noted the presentation from Emma and Bernadette about Long COVID-19 and the current context.

    The Board heard that some patients appeared to experience Long COVID-19, particularly around the extent of COVID-19 conditions over six months and longer as well as its impact on peoples’ lives such as fatigue conditioning and psychological factors.


    The Chairman thanked Emma Lewis and Bernadette Henderson for the informative presentation.



Health and Wellbeing of Student Population - verbal update


    The Chairman invited James Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer from Middlesex University to the meeting.


    The Board noted the presentation from Mr Kennedy who provided an update on the Health and Wellbeing of the student population at Middlesex. The Chairman welcomed the presentation and noted the importance of this topic in light of the number of students coming to Middlesex from outside the borough.


    Update from Young Barnet Foundation

    The Chairman welcomed the update on the impact of COVID-19 on the student population and the findings and plans for future engagement. She invited to the meeting Dr Alison Megeney (Director of Design Engineering and Mathematics Programmes) Matthew Jones (Associate Professor in Mathematics) both from Middlesex University and Janet Matthewson (CEO of Young Barnet Foundation).


    Following the Youth Voice survey, Janet spoke about the analysis of the data and the themes from the questionnaire. Matthew noted that the data shows the issues which respondents have expressed concerns about. The data shows that doing well at school, university and future careers were among the emerging themes.


    The Board also heard that there was a correlation between year group and levels of worry. Students have become worried at a younger age about going to university. Data also highlighted good levels of support available and received by students from different sources.


    Dr Djuretic welcomed the data and expressed interest in working together to utilise the data and inform the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy updates and other workstreams.


    The Chairman welcomed the presentation and thanked guest speakers on behalf of the Board.



Update Report on Barnet Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) pdf icon PDF 291 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Board received a presentation and summary of the report from Jess Baines-Homes (Assistant Director Adults Joint Commissioning), Collette Wood (Director of Primary Care and Transformation Barnet Directorate, NCL CCG) and James Mass (Director of Adult Social Care). Julie George also joined the Board and spoke about the Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic groups (BAME) Community Prevention work.


    Fiona Bateman welcomed the report and the opportunity to integrate workstreams together particularly around same day access. The Chairman commended the progress on local integration work, being emphasised by lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic and the plans presented.


    It was RESOLVED:

    That the Health and Wellbeing Board noted the update on the progress of the Barnet Integrated Care Partnership.



Barnet Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 469 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Independent Chair of the Safeguarding Adult Board, Fiona Bateman presented the report. The Board thanked the entire workforce across the voluntary sector, partnership and everyone involved for producing and contributing to this report.  


    Ms Bateman spoke about the critical work being delivered by all partners around minimising safeguarding risks, suicide prevention and mental health.

    Councillor Sachin Rajput welcomed the report and the work being delivered. He highlighted the importance of increasing awareness of reporting of abuse.

    In response to Councillor Rajput’s query about spreading the message and circulating the poster, Ms Bateman welcomed all forms of communication to spread the message as widely as possible.


    Dr Benjamin welcomed the annual report and noted the importance of continued multi-agency working as a system to tackle abuse particularly in light of COVID-19.


    Ms Wakeling informed Board Members that the move to virtual working has helped to increase the speed of aspects of safeguarding workstreams such as referrals and decision making.


    It was RESOLVED:

    1.    That the Board noted the Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2019-20.

    2.    That the Board noted that the Annual Report will be published on the Council website.


    Update from North West and End of Life Care Support

    The Board received an update from Dr Charlotte Benjamin, Vice-Chair of the HWBB.


    Dr Benjamin spoke about the need to enable and support care around end of life and to take a holistic approach towards patient care, particularly for patients who are frequently in/out of hospital.


    The Chairman also welcomed the update from Paula Plaskow Team Manager at North West and End of Life Care Support to link with the Barnet Health Strategy and End of Life Care Planning. Ms Plaskow noted the benefits of advance care planning which enables people to record the issues that matter to them. She also spoke about the work around encouraging people to speak about their health wishes as standard practice which will also support NHS care providers.


    The Chairman thanked Dr Benjamin and Ms Plaskow for the updates.



Update on Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy developments 2021-2025 pdf icon PDF 298 KB

    Additional documents:


    Director for Public Health and Prevention, Dr Tamara Djuretic presented and summarised the item as set out in the report. She spoke about the consultation and community engagement work which will inform the development of the draft JHWB Strategy.


    Barnet Healthwatch Manager, Madeleine Ellise spoke about the progress of the engagement work with communities and recording the emerging themes to develop the Strategy.


    It was RESOVED:

    1.    That the Board granted authority to approve the draft strategy and begin the consultation period to Director of Public Health and Prevention (Chief Officer) in consultation with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.



Any Items the Chairman decides are urgent


    The Chairman thanked Board Members for the discussion and contributions.