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Support Barnet residents whose rights in Barnet are adversely affected by Brexit

We the undersigned petition the council to ensure that all Barnet residents whose rights in Barnet are adversely affected by Brexit and have difficulty affording the legal costs involved are able to access independent legal advice, support, and information. We further petition that the Council achieves this by establishing an independent charity, by working with third parties and voluntary agencies, and by providing direct assistance where appropriate.

The Home Office policy of making life as difficult as possible for illegal immigrants could also wreck the lives of people who have a right to live in Barnet. The government admits that people with rights to stay in the UK have already been wrongly deported.
In this climate, being able to afford legal advice or proceedings to correct a wrong decision will be important for:
EU 27 citizens living in Barnet who are uncertain of their status.
British partners and children of EU27 citizens. Families may face obstacles if freedom of movement is curtailed and they hope to re-unite, or relocate, post-Brexit.
Barnet employers, landlords and healthcare professionals who may face a difficult situation, or even prosecution, if their employees, tenants or patients lose rights they now enjoy.
Not all Barnet residents can afford solicitors. We call on Barnet Council to take the lead in ensuring that Barnet remains a non-hostile environment for all our residents by establishing a charity that will:
Work with individuals, businesses, and third sector and faith groups to raise private funds for the above.
Raise awareness of the services offered.
Liaise with community groups such as Citizens Advice Bureau, The 3 Million, Chipping Barnet for Europe, and others.

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