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Speed Indicator Sign for Hendon Wood Lane

We the undersigned petition the council to Install an electronic speed indicator sign on Hendon Wood Lane, NW7, of the "smiley face" kind.

Hendon Wood Lane suffers greatly from being a narrow lane where there is barely enough room for 2 cars to pass safely, The pavements are very narrow and any pedestrians are extremely close to passing traffic. Despite this people regularly drive up and down the lane at speeds well in excess of 40mph (many cars using the lane have just come off the A1 where the limit is 50-60mph and they don't sufficiently temper their speed). As evidence for this the lane is regularly littered with smashed wing mirrors and car wheel plates where cars passing have been too close to each other and driving much too fast. The residents signing this petition feel strongly that there is a requirement for a sign similar to the ones on adjacent streets Totteridge Lane, Rowley Lane..etc, that will remind people that they should slow down and adhere to the speed limit.

This ePetition ran from 18/06/2020 to 23/08/2020 and has now finished.

27 people signed this ePetition.