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Bells Hill Parking

We the undersigned petition the council to Stop the proposed limit stay free parking bay proposal on Bells Hill, EN5

- The proposed restrictions would have a significant impact on the local residents.
- Currently there is a good relationship between the shop owners and local residents. Everyone wants to see the local shops prosper and are keen on supporting local businesses. However, local residents matter too. Causing friction amongst shop owners and local residents could actually mean a reduction in business as local resident stop shopping there.
- Parking has already become challenging for local residents due to new parking restrictions on Bells Hill and permit holder bays on many of the surrounding roads. Residents here have a wide range of working patterns, meaning residents will not necessarily be able to park in the bays after the proposed time of 5:30pm as may not need to leave the home until after 9am the next day, meaning they will need to find parking elsewhere.
Nearby residential areas will significantly suffer as a result of residents not being able to use the bays outside their homes. This will cause more frustration for other local residents.
- The parking opposite the proposed bay area already has very limited parking due to dropped curbs / drives. St Stephens Road only has permitted parking on one side due to the width, with barely enough space for its own residents to park. Redwood way also has very limited parking due to the layout. There are already problems further up Bells Hill, from the church onwards due to local Hospital workers and visitors taking advantage of the free parking, often becoming a dangerous place, with cars parked inconsiderably, often not leaving enough room for an emergency vehicle to get through if needed. Other surrounding roads have permit holder bays only. It is not reasonable to expect local residents to park up to a 10 minute walk from their homes.
- The unpoliced bays at night could attract more Anti-Social Behaviour to an already problematic drug dealing spot and cause disturbance parking with engines running which will lead to an increase in Anti-Social Behaviour calls to an already stretched police force, and complaints to the council about nuisance caused by the shops customers.

This ePetition ran from 07/05/2020 to 18/06/2020 and has now finished.

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