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Objection about the redevelopment of the Old Veterans Hall

We the undersigned petition the council to We want for the Council to reconsider the redevelopment of the Old Veterans Hall, located on Osidge Lane, N14 5DU

We want for the Barnet Local Plan to be amended and for the Old Veterans Hall not to be demolished or touched.

The proposed Barnet's Local Plan is disproportionate as its seems not to take into account the best interest for the current residents and local area and in particular with regards the Old Veterans Hall, that is where the CCI London has been establish for the past 10 years, giving the community an inclusive Christian church that has been supporting the local community and where people can belong, contribute and thrive.

If the Local Plan demolishes the Old Veterans Hall, the CCI will also stop from:

Serving nearly 160 people on a weekly basis, that is approximately 89 households and families mostly from Barnet that will no longer have this space that allows them to be part of a long standing community that benefits the Barnet residents. Part of the fundamental things that the CCI London those are as follows:

Who and when do we teach?
? We have 24 bible study groups open to all ages of the public, with the majority taking place at our venue.
? We offer 4 weekend services which are open to the public:
? Friday evenings serving 70 about people.
? Saturdays for 14-2 serving 50 about people.
? Two Sunday services serving about 200 people.

How do we help?
? We run nearly 10 marriage courses a year serving approximately 30 couples per session.
? We run nearly 6 parenting course per year.
? We offer family, parents and couple counselling through whole year.
? We run around 36 money sessions per year.
? Among other things we have other courses that encompass teachings on daily life, biblical values, family issues, civic values, emotional relief, etc…
? We also gather approximately 110 members on average who meet to share life experiences with each other while they share a meal once a week all together.

CCI also does a number of outreach programs within the community, with
? 2-3 fundraising events throughout the year.
? We also take part in 2 international aid trips to countries such as Morocco and Israel.

Nearly every week we have a communal events like birthday celebrations, weddings and a number of activities for children and young people, such as camps, trips within the UK and abroad, holidays with a purpose, games within the community such as football and volleyball during the summer and BBQ’s.

Our internal network helps Barnet residents that are members of our community with things from translating to painting, from gardening to making calls to local authorities, within many other supporting activities.

The CCI has a volunteering team that maintains the church community and its activities.

Some Activities?
Some of our weekly activities include:
? Community Pastoral Care: Activities in which members of the community can come and seek pastoral advice on different aspects of life.

? Open Bible Studies: Aimed at those members of the community who are interested in spiritual growth and wish to learn more about the Bible.

? Parents Drop In: This is aimed at members of the community who are interested in everything relating to who to raise their children with strong values and as honest and responsible human beings.

? Marriage Drop In: Aimed at members of the community who are seeking advice in their marital and family relationships and responsibilities.

? Small Groups: This is directed at members of the community where the teaching is according to the interests of the group and certain criteria are met, for example age, gender, marital status.

? Drop in for those in need: This time is directed at members of the public who may need any help with advice, translating or aid with basic legal aspects.

? Senior Tea Hours: This is aimed at older members of the community and offers companionship and pastoral care.

Plans for the future?
Amongst other services we are developing and preparing new projects for all the Barnet residents that want to take part o

This ePetition ran from 05/03/2020 to 05/06/2020 and has now finished.

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