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Barnet Hospital Controlled Parking Zone

To exclude Sutton Crescent and Lingholm Way to be excluded from the proposal to allow hospital staff to park in the BH zone.

Residents of Sutton Crescent, Lexington Way and Lingholm Way request these roads to be classed as likely to experience undue pressure. Reasons for this formal request are:
1. Our close proximity to the 2 hospital entrances on Bells Hill
2. The scheme must ensure that demand is dispersed effectively across the whole zone. Inclusion of our roads works against this.
3. The Council's own survey suggests a very limited number of places would theoretically be available in Sutton Crescent and Lingholm Way. Our proximity and ease of access suggests that these would quickly be exceeded. The residents would once again be unable to park.
4. There are other areas of the BH zone which, by the council's own survey, would clearly be able to accommodate cars without undue pressure on the residents.
5. The number of properties in Sutton Crescent which have no off-road parking is high.

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