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Winnington Road area - CCTV and restricted parking request

Install CCTV to protect all homes in the Winnington Road area Restricted parking rules to be put in place in the residential roads of the Winnington Road area

RE: Petition for Barnet Council to CCTV and Restricted Parking
Dear Sir or Madame,
I am writing to you on behalf of my myself and neighbours in order to urgently draw your attention to pressing issues in my neighbourhood regarding safety and security. There is a simmering tension and deep-rooted anxiety concerning these issues in our neighbourhood. Please see evidence of this attached to this letter in the form of a petition.
I have lived at 85 Winnington Road for over 10 year and witnessed its transformation from a safe and peaceful area into its current state. Late in the evening and throughout the night unknown vehicles, vans or cars, park on the streets and leave by the morning.
These vehicles do not belong to anyone living in the area or close by. The residents of this streets constantly feel threatened. Potential thieves and burglars leisurely drive around our roads at night slowly scouting and our homes in order to plan their next attack.
Criminals and gangs enter homes with knifes and machetes. Do we need to wait for somebody to killed before this is taken seriously? If so, that will only be a question of time.
It is imperative and the absolutely minimum response to the issues outlined above that we introduce CCTV to monitor and protect all the homes in the neighbourhood. Moreover, restricted parking rules should be introduced to stop the ‘trolling’ of our roads late at night.
I am sure that you will agree that the most important responsibility of a council is the protection and mental well being of its constituents and these concerns should be placed ahead of all other topics.
I look forward to your response and I look forward to one day feeling safe in my home again.

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