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Road Safety Concerns for Oakleigh Road North, Whetstone N20

Carry out inspections at different times of the day and night and to measure the speed of travel on this stretch of the road for a period of time. As part of the process we would urge you to engage with local schools and local people about their views to make this stretch of the road safe for all road users, local residents and school children.

As local residents we are very concerned about motorists and motorbikes going in excess of
the legal speed limit on Oakleigh Road North from All Saints School to the mini roundabout by Russell Lane/ Pollard Road.
There have been a number of high impact accidents which the emergency services had to be called for assistance:
- Collision during daylight outside bus stop/ Sacred Heart School side gate in the early afternoon of 3rd May 2019. Street closure. Cars involved were badly damaged.
- Collison during daylight at junction by Loring Road in the early afternoon of 26th August 2018. Street closure for several hours for investigation to be carried out. Driver had to be cut out by fire brigade.
- Collision at midnight on 28th July 2017 at the junction by Myddelton Park. Screams heard from the spot. Fire brigade cut out the occupants. Road closure for several hours for investigation to be carried out and to clear the road.
Photos of these accidents are available at request.
There are two big primary schools, All Saints C of E School and Sacred Heart RC School on this stretch of Oakleigh Road North, but there has been no road safety improvements or enforcement to address the growing problem with motorists and motorbikes who use this road as a racetrack and by doing so put others in serious danger.

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