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Reverse the gagging rules

We the undersigned petition the council to change the constitution which will enable people making a public comment in person at Committee Meetings and remove the limit the number of questions they can ask. In the Conservative run times, they brought in the following changes which opposition Labour councillors opposed: Questions and comments should be amalgamated. The number of words for each question/comment should be limited at 100 and must be submitted in writing by 10am 3 working days in advance of the committee meeting. Residents may raise one question/comment on an agenda item. The question/comment must relate to the substantive matter to be determined by the committee. No more than two questions from residents will be allowed per agenda item taken in the order of receipt by the Governance Service. These changes means the public will no longer be able to address the committee in person and councillors will not be able to ask the member of public about their comment. When reports run to many pages, summarising

Councillor Barry Rawlings, Councillor Phil Cohen, are you still against gagging residents?

This ePetition runs from 01/07/2022 to 19/10/2022.

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