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Request for Applications for Parking Permits if within a 0.25mile radius

We the undersigned petition the council to To consider Residents requests for Controlled Parking Zone Permits within a 0.25mile radius of a zone.

Having an option to purchase a resident CPZ ( Controlled Zone) Parking Permit if the address falls within a 0.25mile radius of a zone.
As residents just out of an area of a newly established CPZ in Etchingham Park Road and Victoria Park we have been unable to purchase passes for parking in the zones.
The ability to park in these areas would lift some of the traffic congestion in traffic heavy areas.
Vehicle Parking from non residents is also pushed onto the streets without CPZ - leading to more traffic , poor parking and increased risk of accidents and traffic chaos.
It will also ease personal safety - not being able to park close to residences can lead to more distance between the vehicle and residence especially late at night where personal safety can be at risk.

This ePetition runs from 06/06/2022 to 24/07/2022.

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