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CPZ Long Lane extension request ( Between Etchingham Park Road / Oakfield Road and Squires Lane)

We the undersigned petition the council to Consider an Extension of the CPZ ( Controlled Parking Zone ) from Long Lane ( Junction of the new CPZ Etchingham Park Road / Oakfield Road to Squires Lane

The new CPZ ( Etchingham Park Road / Victoria Park )has placed pressure on vehicle parking and traffic flow on Long Lane.
There is now less available space for areas to park for residents , visitors and tradesmen on this stretch of Long Lane.
Lack of provision of parking has also led to personal safety concerns
This stretch of long lane is part of 2 bus routes - 143 and 382. Often there is only room for single lane of traffic.
Better flow of traffic could also reduce the air pollution levels on this stretch ( less idling of engines )which is a common route for primary school children to Manorside and Tudor schools
Less congestion on the roads will also reduce noise levels for residents
A CPZ could discourage other cars to drive through these roads( eg when looking for parking for commuting
Streets will be safer because CPZs designate where it’s safe to park and where it’s not, creating better visibility at junctions.
And there will be better access for emergency and utility vehicles and other large vehicles like rubbish and recycling trucks and delivery or removals vans. This stretch is also a major route for Fire Engines and Ambulances.

This ePetition runs from 06/06/2022 to 24/07/2022.

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