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CPZ on Clovelly Avenue restricting staff from entering work place

We the undersigned petition the council to Give the staff who have to drive to work at Colindale Primary School exemption through ANPR during the CPZ to allow access to the staff car park.

Clovelly Avenue is the only access road to the staff car park at Colindale Primary School.
Our contracted start time is 8:30.
The CPZ is activated at 8:15. Staff were informed by the school SLT that exemptions or staff permits would be looked into during the planning stages. This did not happen.
There has been no consideration for staff who cannot arrive at Clovelly Avenue before 8:15 due to distance or other commitments.
There are up to 10 empty spaces in the staff car park on a daily basis. The congestion and chaos on Colindeep Lane, Lynton Avenue and surrounding roads as staff look for alternative parking is both dangerous and stressful.
Since the introduction of the CPZ the well being of school staff affected by the change is significant.

This ePetition runs from 29/05/2022 to 21/12/2022.

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