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***Delay 2nd lot of financially crippling major works for Dinsdale Court leaseholders

We the undersigned petition the council to At Dinsdale Court in Barnet there are current major construction works in progress at a cost of £18,000.00 per leaseholder. Due to several problems during the project this cost is likely to increase significantly. Barnet Homes now want to commence a second lot of major works that will cost each leaseholder a further £10,000.00 (approx). This second project is to replace the electric rising mains and is not urgent. The surveyors report from Barnet Homes confirms that the existing wiring can remain safely in place for longer so there is no need to carry out straight away.

Please sign my petition to stop/delay this second lot of major works.
Leaseholders will face financial devastation and the very real threat of losing their homes with another large bill to pay.

This ePetition runs from 11/05/2022 to 22/07/2022.

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