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Road Safety around Friary Park, N12, to protect Pedestrians and Cyclists

We the undersigned petition the council to Introduce measures to reduce the speed and volume of traffic on these roads; Torrington Park, Friary Road, Friary Way and the wider area surrounding Friary Park, N12.

Very High Proportion of ‘Non-Local’ Traffic
According to the ‘TFL Barnet Cycleway Consultation’ (see page 5) published in 2019, over 75% of traffic on these roads is ‘non-local’. This means that the large majority of traffic using these roads is cutting through this residential area to get from one main road to another.

Inappropriate Speeds and Dangerous Driving are Common

Much of this traffic breaks the 30mph speed limit, many drivers can be seen looking at mobile phones whilst driving and there is a clear danger to vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists). Residents have also often witnessed skid marks from tyres, caused by speeding drivers.

Popular Area for Locals

There is a very popular park in the area, Friary Park, visited by many local people every day including children and the elderly. These roads are also home to a busy GP surgery, a church, a tennis club, several care homes as well as many young families. Many pupils from local schools also walk to and from school along these roads. There are also residents who use wheelchairs. The speed, dangerous driving and volume of traffic is putting these people in danger.

Air Pollution creating a Health Risk

Moreover, the air pollution caused by the traffic poses a risk to the health of local residents and road users.

Road Safety Improvements Urgently Required

We ask the Council to introduce speed-restricting and other road-safety measures, which should be done in a way sympathetic to the residential nature of the area including:
• the introduction of a 20mph speed limit and, importantly, means to enforce this
• The widening of pavements at junctions and near entrances to Friary Park to give protection and priority to pedestrians and to further reduce the speed of traffic on the current ‘high-speed curves’. Pedestrian crossings should also be considered.
• Potential reintroduction of the mini-roundabout at the junction of Friary Road and Torrington Park in order to slow down traffic which often travels too fast at this location where the road is particularly wide.
• Action to be taken against illegal and dangerous drivers (eg those who are looking at mobile devices whilst driving)
• The planting of more trees to improve air quality
• The introduction of a one-way system on Friary Way to prevent this road being used as a ‘rat-run’ as is currently the case
• Cycle infrastructure to give cyclists a safe path where they do not have to share space with either motor vehicles or pedestrians. The roads are wide enough to accommodate this.
• General improvements to modernise the street scene, in line with leading schemes in other parts of London, to give the impression of prioritising active travel over motorists. This could be done through the use of chicanes (as on Friern Park), or more level surfaces for pedestrians meaning that they do not have to change levels when crossing roads
• Other appropriate speed restrictive and traffic reducing measures which enhance the attractiveness of the street scene and do not detract from it

This ePetition ran from 29/09/2021 to 31/12/2021 and has now finished.

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Council response

The petitioner was presented to the Finchley and Golders Green residents forum on the 10th January 2022.
It was resolved that an officer provide a further response within 20 working days which would be published on the committee agenda page: