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No more Casinos

We the undersigned believe it is a disgrace that loosely-written local plans have allowed a second slot machine den to open in Finchley's town centre.

These gambling centres create addiction and damage society and public health. We therefore petition Barnet Council to review its Local Plan immediately, and put in place robust rules to block any such high street casinos from winning approval in the future

This Paper petition was received on 07/06/2021.

477 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

This petition was discussed at the Finchley & Golders Green Residents Forum on 15th June.

The Chairman noted that Cllr Houston brought an item on gambling and casinos to Policy & Resources Committee in May 2021. Policy & Resources Committee had agreed that a review would take place, and this is in progress.

The Chairman resolved to refer the petition to officers with a request that they share this with the Licensing Committee.