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Save our nursery

We the undersigned petition the council to Help us to negotiate an extension of the rental contract to Little Mischief Makers Preschool by the owner of: The Scout Hut Osidge Lane London N14 5DU

The landlord of Barnet Scouts refused to extend the contract to our local nursery “Little Mischief Makers” located in the hall that belongs to the Barnet Scouts. We as parents of children who attend the nursery would like the landlord to re consider this decision and consider the impact it has on those who are using this facility since September 2020.
The nursery opened in uncertain times for as all due to Covid-19 pandemic and a lot of parents were struggling to work from home and care for their children at the same time. The nursery was a much needed addition to the local community and at the moment around 25 families are using the services and relay on the nursery to support them with much needed childcare on daily basis. The nursery is flourishing and there is a lot of new interest coming in from other local families who would like to sign their children in for the new academic year in September 2021. However, the landlord of the building refused to extend the contract and did not provide the nursery owners, and us, local parents with any explanations of why this decision was taken. The building is not otherwise used other then once or twice a week for couple of hours in the evening and haven’t been used during the nursery running hours before the nursery was set up either. As working parents of little children age 2-5 years old we ask you for your support in trying to keep our much needed life line that offers us, working parents a great value local childcare provided by professional staff, please help us keep our nursery open. Support the education it provides to the youngest members of the community , support the local working parents and support the owners of the preschool whose livelihoods depend on it.

This ePetition ran from 18/05/2021 to 18/06/2021 and has now finished.

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