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The Bottleneck on The Ridgeway (junction of Burtonehole Lane)

We the undersigned petition the council to Parking restrictions should be applied on one side of The Ridgeway at the junctions with Burtonhole Lane, where there is a traffic bottleneck everyday specially at the morning and afternoon rush hours ( school drop off and pick up times).

The road is quite narrow and cars parked on both sides make it only possible for one line of traffic to go through with difficulty. The double deck buses and large construction lorries and vehicles frequently going through this road and the traffic gets locked easily with one or two of these large vehicles. The waiting time could be as long as 20 minutes in some occasions.
The problem is easliy gets solved if one side of the road has yellow lines.
With new developments like Ridgeway View or Millbrook Park being completed in this area in near future, the problem will be exacerbated.

This ePetition ran from 30/04/2021 to 11/06/2021 and has now finished.

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