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Resident Parking only - Shirehall Park NW4

We the undersigned petition the council to Turn the end part of Shirehall Park into a Residents parking only road.

The dead end area of Shirehall Park and the surrounding parts of Shirehall Park between the numbers 75-117 are extremely congested with parked cars by drivers that leave their cars there for the whole day while they cross the road and take the Brent Cross subway to their respective destinations. For us locals this area is a nightmare to park during any hours between 6AM and 7PM. We therefore petition Barnet Council to create our side of Shirehall Park a Residents only parking road so the road will be parked on by local residents only and not by people using it as a free parking lot.

This ePetition runs from 20/01/2021 to 20/03/2021.

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