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We the undersigned petition the council to stop the RE-DEVELOPMENT of the LOCAL CAR PARK, SCOUT HUT & THE OLD VETERANS HALL, in Oside Lane affecting Hampden Square and the local residents of Brunswick Park Ward.

As per our previous petition we want the Barnet Local Plan to be amended and for the Old Veterans Hall, the Scouts Hub and parking lot not to be demolished or touch as proposed by the planning application.

The Old Veterans Hall, The Scout Hub and the parking lot has been serving the community for over 40 years. The first two halls see over 400 people a week, plus the 1000’s of people that use the car park offering all kinds of services to the community, such a the local school, library, vet clinic, the dentist, barbers, hairdresser, post office, barbers, food shops, restaurants, super market, estate agent, takeaways, laundry, pharmacy, GP and much more.

We object the planning application on the following grounds:

- Detrimental impact to the local community: Children gather on weekly basis for the scouts meeting, it serves as a local nursery for working families, dog trainer, mentoring support for children, young and families from all backgrounds, as community leaders we provide services not only for individuals but support families who come together in the activities carried out day in and out. The community hubs can support up to 400 people a week. If these centres are no longer available this families will lose their sense of belonging.
- Traffic and transport: Without the parking lot, parking will become dangerous and very overcrowded for the residents of Osidge Lane, increasing high volume of car traffic. Parking on Osidge Lane is already poor and insufficient consideration has been given to the parking provision as it also serves for the parents dropping off and collecting children from Ravenscourt Primary School.
- The local economic impact: local business will lose out on business by those that use the hubs on a weekly basis.
- The proposal will result in the loss of community common sense: this should be contrary to the councils priorities, where the priorities should be set to ensure broad, integrated and quality activities, including youth and families work, community empowerment, advice and support, personal & spiritual development, health & well-being and the growth of the local economy.

On the bases outlined above we deemed the development inappropriate, an undesirable precedent future for the local community, failing to ensure that the opportunities for the community stay and help improve the character and quality of the area. It must therefore not be accepted.

Given the background, it is our responsibility to respond to the communities needs and oppose the planning application.

For all the above reasons, then, we urge you to reject the application.

This ePetition runs from 31/08/2020 to 12/10/2020.

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