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Chandos Avenue, N20, speed limit

We the undersigned petition the council to Set the speed limit on Chandos Avenue, N20 to 20mph and put in place adequate, proven traffic calming measures and behaviour influencing signage.

The residents of Chandos Avenue live in fear for the safety of their families and neighbours. Many vehicles regularly speed up and down the road with complete impunity for the existing 30mph speed limit and the safety of pedestrians. It is time to crack down on this danger. There is no economic reason for the road to have a 30mph speed limit but the health and safety dangers are real. Evidence is clear that lower speeds reduce the number and severity of road injuries. Introducing 20mph zones in London reduced casualties and collisions by around 40%, and particularly reduced injuries in children. We want to see this safety measure in Chandos Avenue.

20mph norms have been recommended by the World Health Organisation and was recently committed to by the UK government in the 2020 Stockholm Declaration by signed by UK and 129 other global road safety ministers.

Already 21m people in the UK live in local authorities that have given most urban and village roads a 20mph limit. They have done this because in today’s communities there is little benefit from motors driving above 20mph and many disadvantages. But our road still endorses speeds 50% higher on most of our built-up roads with a limit set nearly 100 years ago.

This ePetition ran from 26/07/2020 to 02/07/2021 and has now finished.

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