Council decisions

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Decisions published

12/09/2019 - Authorisation for Single Tender Action on Finchley Lido Leisure Centre to Undertake Phase 1 Structural Propping and Investigations to the Roof Structure ref: 7342    For Determination

Decision Maker: Executive Director of Adults and Health

Decision published: 18/09/2019

Effective from: 12/09/2019

Wards affected: (All Wards);

29/08/2019 - Royal Mail Post Contract 1 year Extension ref: 7340    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive

Decision published: 17/09/2019

Effective from: 29/08/2019


This report requests approval for an extension to the existing Postal contract for a year to provide business continuity while a re-tender process gets underway.

Wards affected: (All Wards);

11/09/2019 - Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Liquid fuels framework RM 3801 call-off for diesel fuel for the period 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2022 ref: 7339    Recommendations Approved

This report relates to the award of call-off from the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Liquid Fuel Framework Contract RM3801 for the period 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2022. and to use identified supplier Harvest Energy Ltd for transport diesel.


The report seeks prompt authorisation of the supplier call off access agreement to ensure continuity of transport diesel for fleet vehicles. The consequences of absence of agreement confirmation would mean the supply of transport diesel would cease under this framework arrangement leaving the Council’s transport fleet unable to operate.


Decision Maker: Executive Director of Environment

Decision published: 11/09/2019

Effective from: 11/09/2019

Wards affected: (All Wards);

03/09/2019 - Purchase of Refuse Collection Vehicles X 12 through Lot 1 of the NEPO HGV Purchase Framework and Contract award for Spare Parts and Maintenance for these Vehicles. ref: 7338    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Executive Director of Environment

Decision published: 09/09/2019

Effective from: 03/09/2019


1.  Authorise the Transport Services to award the contract to S&B Commercials Plc for the purchase of 26t Refuse Collection Vehicles x 12 as per the specification issued through the NEPO HGV Purchase framework, with total contract value up to £2,462,000.


2.  Authorise the Transport Service to award the contract for spare parts and maintenance of vehicles to the following suppliers for a period of 5 years through NEPO HGV Purchase framework:

A)   S & B Commercials Plc with total estimated spend of up to £220,000 

B)   Dennis Eagle Ltd with estimated spend of up to £180,000

C)   Terberg Matec UK with estimated total spend of up to £200,000


Wards affected: (All Wards);