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06/09/2017 - Provision of Upper and Lower Fosters Masterplanning Contract Award ref: 6689    Recommendations Approved

The ARG Committee agreed, at its meeting on 12 December 2016, to note the development of a community co-designed masterplan and authorise procurement of the required multi-disciplinary professional team, including masterplanning and design services. Following completion of the procurement exercise, this report seeks approval to appoint Allies and Morrison for the provision of masterplanning services.

Decision Maker: Deputy Chief Executive

Decision published: 06/09/2017

Effective from: 06/09/2017


Authorisation to proceed with a contract award to Allies and Morrison Limited, the successful tenderer, for the provision of Upper and Lower Foster Masterplanning for RIBA stages 1-3 and subject to further approval up to and including RIBA Stage 7

Wards affected: Hendon;