Committee details

Hendon Area Committee

Purpose of committee

The Hendon Area Committee meets four times per calendar year and represents the following wards:


Burnt Oak





Mill Hill

West Hendon


Hendon Area Committee has the following responsibilities: -


Discharging any functions, within the budget and policy framework agreed by Policy and Resources, of the theme committees that they agree are more properly delegated to a more local level. These include but are not limited to:


Town Centre Regeneration and Management

Sewers, drainage, public conveniences, water courses

Refuse collection, litter, cleansing, waste and recycling

Parks, open spaces, nature reserves, allotments, recreation and leisure facilities

Libraries and Culture

Cemeteries and Crematoria

Day to day environmental issues and management of land on Council Housing estates

Local highways and safety schemes


In addition to the above the Hendon Area Committee also:


·          Can consider matters raised at Residents Forums and determine how they are to be taken forward, including whether to request a report for a future meeting, refer to an Officer and/or ward councillors.


·          Administer any local budget delegated from Policy and Resources Committee for these Committees in accordance with the framework set by the Policy and Resources Committee.


·          Have powers to deal with small public works.


·          Consider petitions which receive between 25 and 1,999 signatures. The link to the petitions site can be found in this link



Residents can submit Public Questions and Comments on any item on the agenda within stipulated time limits.  Please see a link to the Council Constitution for guidance on this:



Contact information

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