Committee details

Constitution and General Purposes Committee

Purpose of committee

The Constitution & General Purposes Committee:


Will keep under review all aspects of the Council’s Constitution so as to ensure that it remains current and fit for purpose, and to make recommendations thereon to the Council.


Will consider and make recommendations to the Council on:


1)    how it can satisfy the continuing duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Members;

2)    on the Code of Conduct for Members; 

3)    on ethical standards in general across the authority.


Is responsible for overseeing the Council’s governance arrangements including:


·       Electoral Services including: elections and electoral registration performance; and polling places and polling district boundaries

·       Member Development

·       Determine Members requests for non-committee information as specified in the Members Information Management Policy

·       Endorsing the calendar of meetings prior to Council approval

·       Health and Safety Strategy and Performance

·       Staff matters generally (other than those within the remit of Chief Officer Appointment Panel) including:

Ø  salaries and terms and conditions;

Ø  approval of staffing restructures involving 20 or more employees;

Ø  deciding on chief officer salary or severance packages over £100,000;

Ø  approving the chief officer structure;

Ø  pay and reward strategy;

Ø  HR policies which go over and above statutory requirements;

Ø  develop the annual pay policy statement for Full Council approval



Contact information

Support officer: Andrew Charlwood Email: 020 8359 2014.