Committee details

Planning and Environment Committee

Purpose of committee



The remit of the Planning and Environment is outlined as follows:



1.    Take action under Town and Country Planning, and associated legislation including Part 8 of the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003 relating to high hedges.

·         planning applications which involve a significant departure from the statutory development plan;

·         planning applications on behalf of the Council or where the Council has a significant  interest in the development;

·         planning applications within the categories of development which must be referred to the Mayor of London; and

·         matters of significance to the entire borough or where major issues extend across boundaries of sub-committees or across local government boundaries.


2.    Contaminated land and all statutory nuisances.

3.    Commons registration and town and village greens including powers of protection and enforcement although in practice these specific functions will be discharged by officers.

(Which may include considering the recommendations of a non-statutory inquiry chaired by an independent person).

4.    Council highways functions (including highways use and regulation, access to the countryside, arrangements and extinguishment of public rights of way) which are limited to:

·           creating, stopping up and diverting footpaths and bridleways

·           asserting and protecting public rights to use highways

·           removing things deposited on highways which cause nuisance

All other highway functions are Executive functions.

5.    Gaming, entertainment, food and miscellaneous licensing in so far as not otherwise the responsibility of the Licensing Committee or the Licensing Sub-Committee.

6.    Health and Safety regulation (otherwise than as an employer).


Contact information

Support officer: Maria Lugangira 020 8359 2761 Email: