Agenda item

Colindale Gardens (formerly Peel Centre), Aerodrome Road, NW9 5JE (Colindale)


The Committee received the report.


The Chairman explained that there could be some changes in primary legislation before the decision was issued on this matter, regarding use classes (this also applied to agenda item 8 – National Institute of Medical Research).


Consequently, Officers in consultation with the Chairman would use their delegated powers to approve technical changes, but any major or significant changes would come back to this Committee for approval.


Representations were heard from Adrian Popa (Objector), Laurence Womald (Objector), Councillor Sargeant and the Applicant.





1.The application, being one of strategic importance to London, must be referred to the Mayor of London. As such, any resolution by the committee will be subject to no direction to call in or refuse the application being received from the Mayor of London.



2.Subject to Recommendation 1 above, the applicant and any other person having a requisite interest be invited to enter by way of an agreement into a planning obligation under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and any other legislation which is considered necessary for the purposes of seeking to secure the following, subject to any changes as considered necessary by the Head of Development Management:


(a)                    Legal Professional Costs Recovery

Paying the Council’s legal and professional costs of preparing the Agreement and any other enabling arrangements.


(b)                    Enforceability

All obligations listed below to become enforceable in accordance with a timetable to be agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority.


(c)       Affordable housing ­

35% affordable housing by habitable rooms  across the whole development (up to 1161 habitable rooms in total) on the basis of the following::


Detailed Component (Block X):


London Affordable Rent (55 Units)

15 x 1 Bed, 2 Person Units

13 x 2 Bed, 4 Person Units

27 x 3 Bed, 5 Person Units


Shared Ownership (43 Units)

18 x 1 Bed, 2 Person Units

14 x 2 Bed, 3 Person Units

11 x 2 Bed, 4 Person Units



Outline Component (indicative unit mix):

London Affordable Rent (168 Units)

54 x 1 Bed, 2 Person Units

43 x 2 Bed, 4 Person Units

71 x 3 Bed, 5 Person Units


Shared Ownership (156 Units)

116 x 1 Bed, 2 Person Units

40 x 2 Bed, 4 Person Units


(d)       Affordable Housing – Review Mechanism

Submission of an Early (if implementation is delayed) Stage Viability review.


(e)       Carbon Offset Payment


Payment of £182,880 (Detailed Phase) & TBA (Outline Stage) towards Carbon Offset to meet mayoral zero carbon target.


(f)        Recruitment, employment and training


Forecasting of construction job opportunities; Notification of job vacancies; Local labour target; Jobs brokerage and skills training; Apprenticeships and work experience; Target local suppliers to be represented on subcontract/supply tender. All to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority.


(g)       Travel Plan measures and monitoring:

Including Provision of Travel Plans covering the following:

Travel Plan – Residential -

Travel Plan – Non-Residential


An appropriate Travel Plan Monitoring Fee would also need to be paid in relation to the above plans.



(h)       Colindale Tube Station Contribution

TBA contribution of up to £300,000 towards improvements at Colindale Tube Station if considered necessary.


(i)         Overheating Guidance


Overheating Guidance to be provided to first occupiers of the residential units.


(j)         Section 106 Monitoring contribution

Monitoring Contribution TBA.


(k)       All financial contributions listed above to be subject to indexation.



3.That subject to Recommendation 1 and upon completion of the agreement specified in Recommendation 2, the Service Director Planning & Building Control or Head of Strategic Planning to approve the planning application reference 19/6512/OUT under delegated powers, subject to the following conditions, detailed in the report.













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