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Matters referred from the Hendon Area Residents Forum (If any)


Petition – The Laundry at the top of John’s Avenue


Councillor Fluss introduced the petition relating to the anti-social behaviour and obstruction of the highway being experienced by residents at John’s Avenue. Councillor Fluss informed Members that the situation had been ongoing since October 2018 and that residents were finding the disturbances unbearable. Councillor Fluss was concerned about the attitude of the owners towards the residents, she described an incident where a resident had been unable to pass by unloading lorries and felt their complaints to the drivers and staff had been belittled.


Councillor Fluss was also concerned about the potential material change of the use of the premises and had been confused by the response of the planning officer. She explained that enforcement had not taken place, leading to vans and cages now being parked on the pavements, blocking the road. Councillor Fluss expressed concerns that the highways proposals being put forward were not appropriate and that ticketing and enforcement needed to take place as soon as possible, as well as an urgent clean-up of the street.


The lead petitioner, Mr Harris, also addressed the Committee. He explained that the noise and disturbances from the Laundry were being experienced throughout the day, night and weekends. He said that staff and management work on the street, with continuous vans and lorries moving in and out of the street, causing significant noise, disturbance and mess.  Mr Harris also said 6-foot-high laundry cages were being left on the streets, which were hazardous to pedestrians and felt the Council had done nothing to address the issue.


Mr Harris said no PCN tickets had been issued to vehicles and no enforcement, despite the road being blocked by vehicles parking in the road and emergency vehicles being unable to gain access.


Mr Harris explained that he had met with senior officers of the Council, who had agreed to consider the matter urgently via issuing a community protection order, however he felt no sufficient action had yet been taken and that the Council had failed to assist the residents.


The Head of Parking and Infrastructure updated the Committee on the actions that had been taken to address the issues so far. He informed the Committee that a multi-agency meeting had taken place on the 29th August, with officers from a range of departments including governance, planning, parking, traffic highways and community safety. He said that both the lawfulness of the operation and the consequence of the current activities on residents had been discussed and considered. He said that in terms of the planning issues raised, there did not appear to be any planning misuse issue and therefore the business had a right to operate in this location. However, the disruption being caused to residents and the management of traffic needed to be vetted by the Council.


The Head of Parking and Infrastructure informed members that highways proposals were being put forward to help alleviate the disturbances being experienced on John’s Avenue. He stressed that the Council would be taking a measured approach to the issues to meet the needs of both the owner and the residents. All actions proposed would be taken in consultation with Ward Councillors.


Following discussion of the item, the Chairman moved to vote on the three options the Area Committee could consider under its constitutional powers when determining petitions:


The Chairman proposed to refer the matter to a Chief Officer to respond to the Lead Petitioner within 20 working days.


Votes on the proposed action were recorded as follows:








RESOLVED that the matter be referred to a Chief Officer to respond to the Lead Petitioner within 20 working days.



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