Agenda item

Update report on the progress of Barnet Children's Services Improvement Action Plan and other CES Committee Priorities


The Executive Director for Children & Young People, Mr Chris Munday introduced the report.  He reminded Members of the OFSTED inspection that was undertaken during April and May 2017.  Mr Munday outlined the work that had taken place via the OFSTED improvement plan, he stated that the landscape had much improved during the last two years.   Members noted the OFSTED improvement action plan and the timeline of the OFSTED inspection that was currently underway.


Members of the Committee were requested to consider the report and the appendices.  The Committee therefore had the opportunity to ask questions.  The Assistant Director for Strategy and Partnerships, Mr Ben Thomas was welcomed to the meeting to assist in answering question from Members that related to the UNICEF programme. 


During the consideration of the item a number of points were raised in respect to the OFSTED inspection.  In responses to this the Executive Director for Children & Young People was able to provide a clear outline of the inspection that was underway.   In doing so he stated that the report in 2017 was damming and as a result significant work had been delivered.  He informed the Committee of the positive transition of services that had taken place during this time.   He stated that Officers across the directorate had taken greater responsibility to improve during the delivery of the OFSTED improvement plan that had created a positive working environment.



During the lengthy debate Members provided scrutiny on the report and therefore asked a range of questions that were duly responded to by the Executive Director for Children & Young People.   These themes related to the following and were therefore noted by the Committee:

-       Members sought clarification on some of the performance data information that was displayed in the report and the appendices.   

-       Recruitment of Officers was raised, including training that was required depending on the role completed.  Members were informed that mandatory training for Officers took place, for example GDPR training.

-       What the process is for the OFSTED inspection was discussed, including, work relating to social care recordings and how this is monitored depending on cases.

-       Members questioned how the recommendations in the 2017 OFSTED report had been developed, monitored and also how this has been reflected upon by the Council.

-       Members made comments on the Young People’s Perception Survey and how that will be delivered.

-       The process of dental checks was also raised by Members and how this is performed regularly alongside the potential of gum checks.

-       It was understood that an audit process was in place that took place alongside risk assignment that enables improvement of performance, standards and expectations.

-        Members asked how they could be assured whether drift and delay was tackled in the performance data.



Having considered the report, the Committee:



-       That the Committee noted the progress of the Barnet Children's Services Improvement Action Plan as set out in paragraphs 1.10 – 1.48

-       That the Committee noted and scrutinised the performance information provided in Appendix 1.

-       That the Committee noted and scrutinised progress against 2018/19 corporate plan priorities, including a detailed summary of the Family Friendly Barnet progress provided in Appendix 2.


The Chairman thanked the Executive Director for Children & Young People and his team for their work and he wished all Officers well for the OFSTED inspection.



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