Agenda item

Dockless Pool Bikes in Barnet


The Committee consider the report and the recommendations.


Following the consideration of the report by Members the Chairman moved the item to the vote.


Before the recommendations were considered however, the Committee agreed that the number of bikes be delegated to the Strategic Director for Environment.  It was further noted that the Committee have the opportunity to review the pilot when the two year period is completed.

The Chairman on behalf of the Committee gave thanks to Mr Klaff for his representation that he gave during the public engagement section of the meeting. 


Having considered the report, the Committee unanimously:



-       That Environment Committee agreed to the commencement in June 2018 of the pilot of dockless pool bike provision as outlined in report.

-       That Environment Committee agreed to the proposed next steps outlined in this report and that the company Urbo, are chosen to provide the dockless cycles for this pilot.


Supporting documents: