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Report of the Constitution Ethics and Probity Committee - Constitution Review


The Head of Governance noted that Members were asked to note that Article 2 – section 2.3F ‘Members Items for the Agenda’ should state that the deadline for Members Items is 10 days for applications to the Area Committee budget, not 19 days.


Councillor John Marshall, Chairman of the Constitution Ethics and Probity Committee, moved reception and adoption of the recommendations in the report, and moved that an amendment to Article 2 – section 2.3F be made to correct the error as noted. Debate ensued.


On the recommendations in the report being put to the vote the recommendations were unanimously agreed.




1.      Council approve the recommendations contained in the report from the Constitution Ethics & Probity Committee at Annexe 1A, and the track change versions attached at Appendix A to Appendix O.


2.      The Monitoring Officer and Chief Legal Advisor be authorised to implement these revisions and publish a revised Constitution.

Supporting documents: