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Matters referred from the Chipping Barnet Residents Forum


The following petitions had been referred from the Residents Forum, for consideration by this Committee:




Title: Dangerous state of pavements in Northumberland Road, from Monks Avenue to High Road, Whetstone


Lead Petitioner: Sandra Barnett


Ward: Oakleigh


Petition: We the undersigned residents of Northumberland Road, New Barnet, Herts, demand that the top section of our road from Monks Avenue to the high Road is brought up to the same standard as the lower section which has recently been relaid.


Regarding the dangerous state of the pavements in Northumberland Road, from Monks Avenue to High Road, Whetstone.


Following a site survey (19th June 2017) Paul Green the Clerk of works for the London Borough of Barnet, agreed that our pavements were in need of refurbishment and was questioned as to why the work had stopped at the junction with Monks Avenue instead of continuing up to the High Road.


The residents of the whole road pay their rates, a proportion of which should ensure that we can walk safely along our pavements.


Amongst those signing were at least two disabled people, one of whom has to use a zimmer frame and is sacred to walk to the letterbox, and also this does not include the residents of the care home at number 24.


In the event of any accidents, damage or injury as a consequence of the faulty paving, the council will be held responsible and this letter will be made available to be used by any residents, who wish to claim in a court of law.


If we fail to get s satisfactory response from Ms. Prescott-Nelson, we will be forced to take this matter further to our MP Theresa Villiers and if necessary the Mayor and his councillors.




We, the residents of Northumberland Road, expect the repair work to be carried out imminently and would like to be informed when this is likely to happen.


We enclose a scanned petition which has been signed by all residents, with the exception of 10 households, from whom there was no answer.


The Committee heard a representation from Sandra Barnett (Lead Petitioner).


Following advice from the Strategic Director (Environment) it was:


RESOLVED that this item remains on the reserve list, with a view to establishing if there is enough flexibility in the budget for implementation, but it be noted that funding cannot be guaranteed.




Petition referred to the Chipping Barnet Area Committee to request funding to fix the worst sections of the pavement.


Title: Parking on corner of Singleton Scarp and Lullington Garth N12


Lead Petitioner: Zoka Shaw


Ward: Totteridge


Petition: Residents of Singleton Scarp are writing to you with regard to the dangerous situation caused by vehicles parked too close to the corners of Singleton Scarp and Lullington Garth.


We attach pictures which show the severity of the problem. Cars are parked like this virtually every day into the evening and it can only be a matter of time before a serious accident is caused.


This causes the following dangers:


1. Cars turning left out of Singleton Scarp are forced to make such a wide turn that they cross the centre line in Lullington Garth into the path of oncoming traffic.


2. Cars turning left or right out of Singleton Scarp have extremely limited visibility to the right and have to edge far out into the flow of traffic in Lullington Garth before turning.


3. Cars heading down the hill on Lullington Garth and turning left into Singleton Scarp are often unable to execute the turn without reversing back into Lullington Garth, again into the traffic flow.


4. Cars parked on the pavement in Singleton Scarp (often on both sides of the road,) leave very little room for pedestrians. Pedestrians (especially those with prams and small children) are forced to walk in the road around the cars potentially right into the flow of any traffic turning into Singleton Scarp.


We have discussed the matter between ourselves at length and concluded that the best way to make the situation safer is for the council to paint double yellow lines on the corner of Singleton Scarp and Lullington Garth extending at least 5 metres from the corners.


Please would you let us know if this can be done and if not, why not.


The Lead Petitioner was not present at the meeting, but following discussion, it was:


RESOLVED that Double Lines be installed along one side, to be funded as part of the total £6,000 allocated for yellow lines at the last meeting.



Petition referred to the Chipping Barnet Area Committee to request funding for double yellow lines.

Title: Alston Road 20MPH Zone


Lead Petitioner: Farooq Haque


Ward: High Barnet


Petition: Extend the 20 MPH zone along Alston Road in order to protect local residents and school children.


A representation was heard from Paul Lemon, on behalf of the Lead Petitioner.


Councillor Longstaff also made a representation.


RESOLVED that a speed survey costing up to £1,000 be approved with a report back to the next meeting of this Committee.



Petition referred to the Area Committee to look into extending the current 20mph zone to the whole of the Alston Road.




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